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Faculty Development Committee
Minutes for March 24, 2005
2:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Siobhan Bremer, Judy Kuechle, David Hoppe, and Pam Solvie
Absent: Emily Elsner

Faculty Enrichment Program
Pederson distributed a copy of all FEP 05-06 applications received to each committee member for review. The committee discussed the mentorship program; and has decided to delay the selection of the applicants until the April 7 meeting.

FDC Minutes 3/10/05
Ahern asked for review of the FDC Minutes 3/10/05.
(Solvie/Hoppe) to approve the minutes as read; unanimously carried.

FCLT Director Update
Ahern said the candidate is prepared to accept the Faculty Center Director position; however, not all details of the position are finalized.

Faculty Affairs Proposal
Members briefly discussed the Faculty Affairs Proposal. The mail ballot was due on March 23; the initiative failed by one vote.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2005
The FDC discussed the possible topics for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2005. The topics discussed included: 1) Mentoring and 2) Retention. Mentoring was selected as the topic for the Fall Retreat 2005. The FDC discussed possible titles for the Retreat, agreeing on "Collegiality and Rhythms of Academic Life" as the title. Other items of discussion included:

  • Identify the Core Planning Group; at least two members from the FDC should be part of the group to insure that our ideas for planning the retreat are clear. Bremer and Solvie both agreed to help with the initial planning meetings, but would not be available during the summer because of other commitments.
  • Discussion of possible Keynote speakers. Ahern agreed to follow-up and report back to the committee.
  • Members discussed sessions for the retreat; one member suggested a jig sawing session by incorporating articles from the book Rhythms of Academic Life.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 PM .

The FDC will meet on April 7 at 2:00 PM in the Faculty Center .

Submitted by:

Linda Pederson