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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for March 26, 2003
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Carol Marxen, and Greg Thorson
Absent: Joel Eisinger, Nick Peterson, and Michael Benson

The meeting began at 4:00 PM.  McIntosh asked for comments or approval of the FDC minutes dated 3/5/03. By consensus, the minutes were approved.

Ahern distributed copies of the Faculty Center Budget 2002-03 and the Faculty Center possible budget cuts. Ahern said that there is a possible cut of 24% to the Faculty Center, noting that the staff expenses are in the Vice Chancellor's budget. The committee discussed possible ways in which to save money for the center. Ahern said at this point we are planning the Fall Faculty Retreat probably to be held on campus this year, and to do would involve considerable savings. Ahern said that if we decide the Retreat will be held at Peters Sunset Beach this year, the contract must be signed by April 1. Ahern also noted that the Arrowwood has been reserved for 2004. It was noted that by having the retreat at Arrowwood in 2004, it would allow families to attend if desired. Thorson commented that the Fall Retreat is a very visible activity of the Faculty Center, and that we should try hardest to restore it as an off campus site, noting also that an off campus retreat increases attendance and social participation.

Ahern said if mailings are done electronically, we could save in duplicating costs. McIntosh added that the ITMP memo and applications could be done electronically. It was questioned if people read all their e-mails, Ahern replied that the University has a policy that says people are responsible for checking their e-mails. Thorson said that he supports keeping important notifications in paper form.

Marxen questioned the cost of the mentoring program and what type of feedback he has received from the participants. Ahern replied that $5000 is allotted to the mentoring program. Thorson said that the program is priceless, allowing a second year faculty to work with a senior mentor. Ahern said that the Mentoring Program is a very positive experience, and that the partnerships usually continue. Thorson remarked that the mentoring program is invaluable for faculty retention.

Ahern said another cost saving possibility would be to eliminate the travel supplements. He said this money is used to supplement travel to the Collaboration Conferences. Thorson replied that the travel supplements are an important core of the Faculty Center.

McIntosh asked if we could anticipate having a solid budget in 2 weeks. Ahern replied that we need to have answers by mid April, and that it is important for the FDC to review and react to the budget. McIntosh said the budget would be discussed further at the next meeting.

Fall Faculty Retreat
Ahern reported that Klinger and O'Loughlin are moving ahead on the retreat. He said that the survey requested by Klinger would be sent out at the end of the week to facpa. Ahern said that Peters Sunset Beach must be reserved by April 1. He will check with Schwaller to ask if the money is available for the retreat. McIntosh requested that a discussion of the evaluation of student advising be incorporated into the retreat. Ahern will contact Klinger to confirm that this topic is included.

Faculty Affairs Committee
McIntosh reported that he forwarded the Faculty Affairs Committee memo to Bart Finzel, chair of the Consultative Committee. He said at this time, Finzel has not dealt with it, but is very supportive of the memo. He noted that this memo would be sent back to the FDC members next week, and that the memo would be forwarded to the Dean with the support of the Consultative Committee.

McIntosh said that suggestions for language change in the By-Laws of the UMM Constitution that would create a Faculty Affairs Committee could be discussed in the next FDC meetings. Thorson said that he would like to see the language changes done this year, and the language change proposal done in the fall.

Reading Groups
McIntosh noted that the reading groups did not get started this year, but will be on the agenda for next year.

Web-based scholarship and pedagogy
The committee discussed the letter received from the Dean in regards to web-based scholarship and pedagogy.  McIntosh said that he had sent a request to each of Division Chairs requesting a brief response. McIntosh discussed the responses he received from each of the Division Chairs, noting that each reports that teaching effectiveness is incorporated into the review based on the quality of innovation. Ahern noted that existing criteria recognizes work in these areas. Thorson said that the campus should show willingness to accept new methods and should reward innovation that is consistent with the campus. He also said that we should insure that the latest methods of scholarship and teaching are being rewarded. McIntosh said that the service aspect has also showed up in web-based technology scholarship.  On the basis of the responses from the divisions as well as the experience of the committee members present on divisional or Level II committees, those present concluded that each Division recognizes web-based scholarship and pedagogy, and that all are dealing with it. McIntosh said that he did not query the Divisions on Service Learning abroad. Thorson replied that there is ample evidence that this is being rewarded. McIntosh will draft a memo to the Dean with documentation on web-based scholarship and pedagogy.

Teaching in the Internet Age
Ahern reported that the final Teaching in the Internet Age seminar would be scheduled for this year. An effort to have the March conversation focus on "Open Office" did not succeed because of time constraints. He said the attendance has ranged from 15 to only 9 at the most recent one, but the conversations have been good. The next presentation, scheduled for April 24, is in the planning stages.

Conversations on Learning and Teaching
Ahern said final Conversations on Learning and Teaching would be scheduled for this year. He said that the average attendance has been 12-15 people with good conversations. He asked committee members if they had requests or suggestions for the next seminar.

Bulletin Board
McIntosh asked if there has been any follow up from Bowers on the Bulletin Board issue. Thorson said that the concern is that technology is shaping the way we communicate, noting that we must be careful that we are not giving up too much and still retain security. McIntosh asked Thorson to gather further information, and that Bowers could attend another meeting in a few weeks.

The FDC will meet twice more this year. The dates have been tentatively set for April 9 and April 23. If there is a conflict with the April 9th meeting, the FDC will meet April 16 and April 30th.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson