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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for Monday, April 5, 2004
3:30 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, David Hoppe, Carol Marxen, and Siobhan Bremer
Derrek Brunsberg

The meeting began at 3:30 PM in the Faculty Center .

Thorson asked for corrections or approval of the FDC Minutes 3/19/04 . The minutes were unanimously approved.

Faculty Enrichment Prongram (FEP)
Ahern distributed copies of the applications for the Faculty Enrichment Program. Ahern said 6 applications have been submitted, of which one applicant is a current FEP participant. Ahern noted the FEP has never been awarded two years in a row to the same individual. Members discussed funding of the FEP. Ahern said that funding for FEP is set at $5,000 per year, ($500 each/$1000 pair). Ahern also said in previous years, more teams have been funded; noting the funding per participant was reduced to accommodate the additional participants. One member was excused from the meeting during discussion of the FEP applications. The committee members read through the applications, followed by discussion. Thorson said that the program is set to support up to 5 mentorship teams, and said that all applications fall in the description of the guidelines. It was agreed that it would not set the best precedence by allowing funding to a current participant. Ahern suggested that the FDC pass a clause on eligibility participation for the Faculty Enrichment Program. Motion by Marxen/Hoppe to accept 5 of the 6 applications submitted. Ahern said that letters would be sent notifying recipients of the award.

Fall Faculty Retreat(Questionnaire)
Thorson distributed copies of the Faculty Retreat Survey noting it will soon be sent out. Thorson said the survey was developed to systematically measure faculty attitudes and preferences about the upcoming retreat. Discussion of the survey questions included: 1) whether or not the budget would have an effect on the survey, 2) if the activity questions are for lining up times, 3) prices of activities, are discounts available? It was agreed to eliminate Question # 20 [Asking about the duration of the retreat] in the survey. The committee agreed to move forward with the survey, sending it out to faculty this week via campus mail. Thorson asked how much role the committee wants in planning the retreat? Marxen who serves on the Classroom Climate Committee suggested that maybe someone from that committee would be interested in assisting with the retreat planning. Marxen was asked by Thorson to assist the new FCLT Director with the retreat planning; she agreed. It was suggested to identify a small team of faculty to help with the retreat. Ahern said the Fall Retreat survey results will be compiled and given to the FDC for the April 26th meeting. Ahern said that the Fall Faculty Retreat would be announced in the spring Focus on Faculty newsletter that will be published at the end of the semester. Bremer asked if the topic would determine if we would want to use faculty or MAP-IT presenters for the retreat. Possible titles for the retreat include "Teaching for a Multi-Cultural Society" or "Classroom Climate."

Ahern discussed with the committee the survey on the UMM multicultural climate. Ahern said that the MAP IT survey would be put on line with a mechanism in place that will allow the results to be tallied appropriately. He said that in order to shape the most effective workshop, the survey will be sent to faculty and selected students to discover the extent to which UMM recognizes and addresses principles for teaching and learning in a multicultural society. A memo will go out this week from the VCAA, VCSA, J. Eisinger (Task Force Chair), and G. Thorson (Chair, FDC) with the URL requesting students/faculty to complete the survey which should take about fifteen minutes.. Follow-up efforts will seek to assure a good response by the end of the year. Thorson said that he would be available to help with the survey results. Ahern will e-mail copies of the MAP IT memo, the MAP IT Faculty Survey, and the MAP IT to committee members.

FCLT Director Applications
Ahern said one application was received for the FCLT Director's position. A copy of the application was distributed to each committee member. Ahern also distributed a set of interview questions; asking members to review and e-mail him additional questions or comments. The committee decided they would meet on Thursday, April 8 to continue the discussion and possibly interview the applicant for the FCLT Director position. Ahern said he would contact the applicant to ask if he would be able to meet at 9:30 AM with the committee.

The FDC is scheduled to meet on Monday, April 12th at 3:30 PM in the Faculty Center .

Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 PM .

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Pederson