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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for April 7, 2005
2:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Siobhan Bremer, David Hoppe, and Pam Solvie
Absent: Judy Kuechle, and Emily Elsner

The meeting began at 2:00 pm in the Faculty Center .

FDC Minutes 3/24/05
Ahern asked for corrections or approval to the FDC Minutes dated 3/24/05 .
Motion: (Bremer, Solvie) to approve the minutes as read; unanimously carried.

FCLT Director
Ahern updated the committee on the Faculty Center Director position; noting a few details to be finalized. Ahern said the position of the FCLT Director might be finalized by next week.

The FDC discussed the applications received for the FEP program. The Faculty Center has received only a few applications thus far; and noted that some have already participated in the program. Ahern noted that he has visited with Division Chairs about tenure track faculty who are eligible and said he would like to encourage more faculty to apply. Discussion included:

  • The concerns with the deadline date, and agreed to extend the deadline to April 18 for submission of additional applications.
  • Members discussed how to approach faculty about the program, in order to avoid any negative connotation.

Ahern will contact the Division Chairs and request them to contact eligible faculty and encourage them to apply for the FEP; the requirement is to submit the application by April 18 to the Faculty Center .

The FDC discussed possible faculty who may be interested in forming the steering committee for the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern noted that under the leadership of the new Faculty Center Director, the steering committee tasks will include planning the interactive sessions and working with the keynote speaker. Ahern will contact the list of faculty, and ask for their help with the planning of the Retreat. Bremer said a clear paragraph about mentoring explaining the title would be helpful. Ahern noted he has a list of possible keynote speakers and will contact Leslie Cafarelli from the Collaboration for additional names.

Faculty Affair Committee
The FDC discussed the future of the Faculty Affairs committee.

Other items discussed:

  • SCEP – Student Evaluations
  • Quality of Life Surveys – Ahern noted that this committee has done the survey in the past, but not lately.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Submitted by:

Linda Pederson