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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for April 12, 2004
3:30 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, David Hoppe and Siobhan Bremer
Absent: Carol Marxen and Derrek Brunsberg

The meeting began at 3:30 PM at the Faculty Center. Thorson asked for corrections or approval to the FDC Minutes dated 04/05/04. A spelling correction was noted; the minutes were unanimously approved as amended.

Fall Faculty Retreat (Planning)
Ahern distributed copies of the MAP-IT memo, which will accompany the UMM multicultural climate on-line survey. Ahern said the survey is scheduled to be on-line Tuesday, April 13, 2004. This year a faculty-student Task Force has been working with VCAA and VCSA offices to improve the classroom climate for students of color. One element of their work was to design the Fall Faculty Retreat to address the issues of classroom climate. He said that in order to design the most effective workshop, the task force needs to survey the faculty and selected students (under-represented groups and graduating seniors) to discover the extent in which the campus recognizes and addresses teaching and learning in a multicultural society. Ahern said the survey would take approximately 15 minutes to complete, is x500 password protected and the system will allow us to know who has not responded to the survey. A follow-up reminder would be sent to those who have not completed the survey. Thorson asked if the results of the survey could be compiled by the next FDC meeting on April 26th. Members discussed various incentives to encourage faculty and students to complete the on-line survey. It was suggested that Division Chairs should send out a follow-up e-mail reminder encouraging faculty to complete the on-line survey. Thorson asked the committee how the workshop should be structured, how it will relate to MSP and other organizations on campus. Ahern said the Task Force meets on Tuesday, and he would ask them to share the draft report with the FDC; this will help with structuring the workshop. Ahern suggested that the Keynote speaker should frame the issue, and the structure of the workshop is consistent with the speaker's address. Members discussed the title of the retreat "Teaching and Learning for a Multi-Cultural Society." Thorson said the objectives of the workshop are 1) to make people aware of classroom climate and 2) to develop concrete plans of action along with the tools necessary to improve our performance in this area.

Fall Faculty Retreat Survey
The Fall Faculty Retreat survey was sent to duplicating this morning, it will be sent via campus mail to all faculty.

Bush IT Transitional Funding (Ahern)
Ahern distributed documents pertaining to the Transitional funding of the Bush IT Grant. The Bush Foundation grant is in its final year and the proposal is for a three-year continuation grant, coordinated with the other UM campuses, is in its final stages. The committee received the transitional plan with the hope that comments and suggestions would refine the proposal.

FCLT Director Search
Ahern said the memo recommending the new Faculty Center Director is ready and will be sent to the Vice-Chancellor today.

The final FDC meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2004 at 3:30 PM at the Faculty Center.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Pederson