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Minutes of April 18, 2006
4:00 P.M. Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Alicia Canfield, Gordon McIntosh, Randi Peterson, and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)

The meeting began at 4:05 P.M.

FDC Minutes 3/21/06
Bina asked for any corrections, revisions, or approval of the minutes. FDC members approved the FDC Minutes 3/21/06.

Faculty Enrichment Program, 2006-07 (Sungur)
Members reviewed and discussed the Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP) applications received. Sungur pointed out that the FEP program provides funding for five mentee/mentor pairs while he received the total of six applications this year. Members examined the applications and agreed that it would not be wise to dismiss any one application, given the perceived needs of all applicants; thus an alternative framework for the allocation of funds was devised:

  • Sungur proposed that he would ask the Acting Dean for additional funding in order to cover all applicants, just in case;
  • Randi Peterson proposed that in the absence of additional funding, we should divide the total of available $5,000 between the six applicants, providing that the repeat pair of applicants (i.e., both mentee and mentor) receive $100 less than the rest.

Bina asked the FDC for additional discussion on the merit of these proposals combined, as he saw no mutual exclusivity between them; he then asked for approval of this two-partite proposal. The proposal was approved unanimously.

Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars (TAFS 2006-07) (Sungur)
Pederson distributed the TAFS 2006-07 schedule for review. Sungur reported that he received more applications than could be accommodated for TAFS-R, yet only one request for TAFS-T. Sungur also proposed to schedule the TAFS-T as a separate event. Members discussed the location of TAFS; Pederson reported that she already requested room information and is waiting now to hear on the type and availability of space. Sungur suggested that TAFS may be held in different location throughout the year; members discussed possible locations.

Faculty Surveys (Sungur)
Sungur reported that the surveys are ready to be sent to faculty and proposed sending them as hard copy first due to the anticipated impact of non-electronic version, particularly during the busy time at the semester end. Sungur noted the electronic version is ready, and will send it as a follow up option. Sungur will send these documents (cover letter, Faculty Quality of Life Survey, and Faculty Opinion on Administration Survey) to faculty through campus mail early in the next week. Members discussed package, leading to revision of cover letter. Borchardt asked who would interpret the survey results; Sungur replied it is the faculty and its relevant standing committees which are the source of interpretation. The FCLT has designed the surveys, Sungur pointed out; it will engage in the statistical analysis of the surveys but has no standing (other than technical analysis) vis-à-vis the interpretation of results. Bina commended Sungur on this point and reiterated that the “interpretation” here goes beyond its technical connotation, as faculty and its relevant governing committees are in charge of such matters. Sungur also noted that he consulted with Twin Cities and no application for IRB is required for these surveys. Bina asked the FDC for approval of the proposed procedure for administering the surveys: Beginning on Monday, April 24, faculty will receive, through campus mail, the cover letter, the forms of Faculty Quality of Life and Faculty Opinion on Administration. The cover letter asks that faculty complete and return the surveys to Linda Pederson, via Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching. Nearly one week later, the FCLT will send a follow-up e-mail, requesting faculty to complete the surveys; this e-mail will also include a link to the electronic version of both surveys. The FDC members unanimously approved the procedure for administrating the Faculty Surveys.

Electronic Journal
Sungur reported that he talked with LeAnn Deane (Director of Library); and has samples of the two UMM-based electronic journals, History and Philosophy. Members had a discussion over the electronic journal; Sungur pointed out that the Library is willing to help; he also will add link to the FCLT website in order to recognize faculty research and publishing activities.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2006
A sub-committee for the purpose of planning the Fall Faculty Retreat will be set up at the May 2 meeting.

The FDC will meet on Tuesday, May 2 at 4:00 P.M. in the Faculty Center.

Meeting adjourned at 4:56 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson