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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for April 21, 2005
2:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Pam Solvie, and David Hoppe
Absent: Judy Kuechle and Emily Elsner

It was noted that due to a medical emergency, Siobhan Bremer would no longer be serving on the FDC for the remainder of the year.

FDC Minutes 4/07/05
Ahern asked for corrections or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 4/07/05 . Solvie noted two corrections to the minutes. Motion (Solvie/Hoppe) to approve the minutes as amended; motion carried.

Faculty Enrichment Program 2005-06
Members discussed the FEP applications received, noting that all had indicated clear goals. The FDC members agreed that first time applicants should be given priority over applicants who have received it previously. Motion (Sovie/Hoppe) to accept all first time applications for FEP 2005-06. Ahern said he would notify Kuechle and Bremer the FDC decision, and ask for their response by Monday, April 25. Ahern said that both the FEP 05-06 recipients and non-recipients would be notified after this date.

Faculty Center Director
Ahern reported the position of the Faculty Center Director has been filled. The FDC meeting scheduled in two weeks will be at a different time, allowing the new Director to attend the meeting.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2005
Ahern has contacted several faculty in regards to serving on the steering committee for planning the retreat. Ahern noted that one person has agreed to help with the planning, but said he would not be attending the Retreat because of Sabbatical leave. Ahern noted that the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning (website: has traveling workshops, which feature topics and a list of people who present. Ahern said he had contacted Leslie Cafarelli on 4/20, and is waiting for a response from her. Also discussed:

  • It is important to have the steering committee identified by next week; one meeting should be planned before the end of the year. Solvie and Ahern have agreed to be part of the steering committee.
  • Campus resource people should be identified by early summer, have agreed to be part of the retreat, what role, and if another session is required before the retreat for final preparations.
  • Retreat announcement at the end of the Semester. Ahern will talk with the new Director of the Faculty Center .
  • First announcement should include registration fee. Ahern said the overnight registration fee is for double occupancy. He noted that if the faculty member brings his/her family; they are responsible for half of the room cost, meals and day care cost.

Members discussed the Faculty Affairs Committee and agreed that it would be best to come from the Executive Board at the next Campus Assembly. Ahern, on behalf of the FDC will request the Executive Board to take action on the Faculty Affairs Committee at the May 4 Campus Assembly.

Ahern distributed copies of the Student Release Questions to the FDC members for discussion. Ahern said these questions will go to the Senate, and if passed will be published. Ahern discussed the position SCEP has taken. The FDC discussed other concerns about the Student Release Questions including: 1) sequence of questions, 2) some questions are problematic, and 3) some questions educate how a person responds. Ahern said the purpose of the publication is so each course taught has comments available about the course for the next semester. Ahern said concerns of the Student Release Questions would be expressed to SCEP.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 PM

Next meeting will be scheduled in 2 weeks, date and time to be announced.

Submitted by:

Linda Pederson