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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for April 30, 2003
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex
Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Joel Eisinger, Carol Marxen, and Greg Thorson
Guests John Bowers, Karla Klinger, and Paula O'Loughlin
Absent Michael Benson and Nick Peterson

McIntosh called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM. McIntosh said that the meeting would begin with John Bowers reporting on the Discussion Board. Bowers reported that at this time he has found that PHBB seems to be the only good one. Bowers said that the University Register is using the PHBB Discussion Board and that it is also available for use by classes or smaller groups. He said that PHBB has better features and it allows for messages to be edited, but it required an administrator to enter all names and passwords, it could not use the x500 access.

Bowers said that Pushpin appeared to be the only inexpensive system for campus wide discussion. He did not look into commercial systems, such as web crossing, because they are too expensive.  Thorson said that he uses Pushpin in many classes, and that it is limited in features, noting the inability to go back and revise remarks. Thorson commented that the X500 couldn't impede communication forever. Other possibilities discussed included:

  1. Use PHBB, have someone enter the password
  2. Look at another product that would allow setting own password - it is more desirable to set your own password.
  3. Suggested testing the Pushpin this year - discussion on budget. Bowers commented that this idea was rejected in the Task Force meeting.

The opinion of Thorson is that Pushpin is a failed product, and that it is important to find the right product to successfully create the culture we want. Thorson suggested that we not go with Pushpin, but to continue to look for another product. Ahern said that Bowers has done a good job researching the products, and asked if the committee wanted to recommend a forum on budget issues this year.  McIntosh said that there is not a consensus in the committee, and Thorson commented that it is the consensus of the committee to continue to search for another program. McIntosh said this will carry over to next year's agenda, and the Bowers and Thorson will continue to research products.

McIntosh asked for comments or approval of the FDC minutes dated 4/16/03. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Fall Faculty Retreat (Karla Klinger and Paula O'Loughlin)
Klinger began by saying that material including the draft schedule of the retreat and retreat questionnaire responses were e-mailed to the committee members this morning for discussion. She said the 27 responses from the questionnaire were both intense and interested. Klinger said that the sessions would be set up as not all theory, but to gather skills as well. The sessions would be set up for new faculty as well old faculty. Klinger discussed the draft schedule, noting that 2 or 3 faculty leaders are designated for each session, but will vary from session to session. Klinger noted that the technology demonstration is set up for one-on-one demonstration. Ahern said that the computer at Peters Sunset Beach is set up in the main meeting room, but that the room is needed for other purposes. Klinger asked how this could be scheduled because two sessions need to be going at the same time. O'Loughlin commented that in the culture of advising, technology is a tool to enhance effectiveness. She said that people want to know how to use these issues, but also want to know the broader issues. Klinger also noted that Strand would not do the presentation if she does not have access to the web. Thorson suggested the information be put on a buffer and the computer could be set up in another location. Ahern said that he would check with Peters Sunset Beach in regards to room availability and the possibility of moving the computer to a different location. O'Loughlin said that they would like guidance from the committee on how to present technology. Ahern said the critical thing is if the information can be put on a buffer. Thorson agreed that working off-line as an option would be better than nothing at all.

Klinger asked for any suggestions for the schedule. Thorson suggested a small change in the format listing time schedules.  Ahern said that he would be writing up an article for the Fall Faculty Retreat to be included in the spring 03 Focus on Faculty Newsletter. Ahern asked if there were ideas for a keynote speaker. Klinger replied that Tom McRoberts recommended Lynn Anderson, and that she will obtain more information about her. Klinger questioned who and when does someone else take over the planning of the retreat, Ahern replied that the Faculty Center sends out all information regarding the Fall Faculty Retreat.

Faculty Affairs Committee Language
Committee members discussed the material distributed in regards to establishing a Faculty Affairs Committee. The discussion included to whom the memo should be sent, how committee members would be selected (by nomination or election), and the wording on the amendment. McIntosh made a motion to send the memo to the Chancellor and the Executive Committee. Seconded by Eisinger.

Ahern reported that a revised proposal was requested from one of the Faculty Enrichment Program applicants, but that he has not received it at this time. He will send out another request to the person. Ahern said that their are 6 mentoring pairs for the FEP program, the funding will be less than $500 for each participant. Ahern listed the mentee/mentor pairs, noting that there are three remaining to be identified.

Ahern noted that all mentor/mentee teams have been identified for the Bush UMM Instructional Technology Project.

Meeting adjourned at 5:27 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson