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Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes of May 2, 2008
4:00 PM
The Faculty Center, East Annex


Present: Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Jong-Min Kim, Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio) and Britney Appier (student)
Absent: Paul Grove
Minutes: Linda Pederson

Bina called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM at the Faculty Center .

FDC Minutes 04/04/08
Bina asked for any addition, revision, and/or approval of minutes. Sungur expressed his concern about the information included in the minutes regarding the discussion of the UMM Distinguished Research Award, saying the minutes were organized as a report and are no longer minutes. He requested the minutes read “discussion and concern expressed about the Distinguished Research Award. Bina responded, saying this is what he said at the meeting, and wants it included “for the record.” Sungur said, “On the record, he objects to all the bulleted items included in the minutes.” Bina asked for approval of the minutes as read. Vote: 2 approvals, 1 abstention.

Faculty Enrichment Program 2008-2009
Sungur said the FCLT will support five mentoring teams at $5000 this year ($500 each/$1000 pair). Sungur said originally we had three applicants requesting continued mentoring support, but since the April FDC meeting, the FCLT was notified that the applicant is leaving UMM at the end of the semester and thus we will support two remedial applicants at a reduced amount of $150 each/$300 pair. Sungur noted he contacted the Dean's office for full funding of the additional FEP applicants, but the Dean's office said there is no additional funding available for the Faculty Enrichment Program. Sungur said the additional $600 will be from the FCLT budget.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2008
Sungur said the FFR 2008 planning committee will meet on Monday, May 5. Members include: Pareena Lawrence, Jeff Ratliff-Crain, Barry McQuarrie, David Roberts, and Pam Solvie. The committee will decide the theme and design of the Fall Faculty Retreat.

Old Business

New Business
Bina discussed with the committee the e-mail regarding Crime Reporting which faculty received from Joyce Amborn (Campus Security). Members discussed the e-mail; some members objected to the idea that faculty should be deputized to report actions on campus. Some comments included:

  •   “ we are faculty, not police”
  • “telling us, deputizing us to report, is not a good idea”

After discussing this issue, Bina and Borchardt proposed the following statement in response to the Joyce Amborn's mandate for Crime Reporting: the FDC states that “while we recognize that it is our responsibility as citizens to report crimes, we object to being deputized year after year in a formal manner.” There was no formal vote on this statement.

A member questioned if this should be an issue for the Faculty Affairs Committee rather than the Faculty Development Committee. Sungur said, this is a Faculty Affairs issue. Bina in response said this is preciously the task and duty of the FDC to object to this because it impinges on the very development of faculty on this campus. Appier replied, “it impinges on the ability of the students to come to professors confidentially.”

The FDC discussed a role model for the Faculty Distinguished Award. Bina will contact David Roberts, Seung-Ho Joo for copies of their dossier to be kept at the Faculty Center . Borchardt suggested a model for the Humanities; Bina will also contact Vicente Cabrera for a copy of his dossier. Sungur suggested to house the dossiers at the Library.

Bina acknowledged the FDC members for their committee service. Motion (Kim, Borchardt) to adjourn; the meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.