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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for May 6, 2004
10:00 AM Faculty Center East Annex


Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, David Hoppe, Carol Marxen, and Siobhan Bremer.
Absent: Derrek Brunsberg

The FDC meeting began at 10:00 AM at the Faculty Center . Thorson asked for corrections or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 4/26/04 . Minutes unanimously approved.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Thorson updated the committee on the Faculty Affairs Committee vote, and noted that the deadline is today. Members discussed the results of the survey and it agreed that Thorson would send out a follow-up memo today reminding faculty to vote on the proposed Faculty Affairs Committee.

FCLT Director Search
Ahern said at this time, no Director has been appointed for the Faculty Center . He noted the Dean has identified some that may be interested in the position. Ahern said he will discuss items with the new Director (when appointed), but will be out of town through June 5. Thorson offered his assistance with the FFR planning, noting that the keynote speaker has not been identified, and commented that the committee has offered ideas on structuring the FFR.

MAP-IT Survey
Ahern reported that currently 31 students and 18 faculty have responded to the MAP-IT Survey. He noted that there have been complaints about the formatting, but it has been corrected. He said because of the problems, the survey was inadequate, and would not add value to planning the FFR. Ahern said although the survey was imperfect, the survey did prompt questions from several people; these are issues that need to be open to discussion. Members discussed de-emphasizing the MAP-IT Survey and focus more broadly on how Liberal Arts reaches across the campus climate. Names of possible keynote speakers were discussed. Marxen and Thorson offered to assist with lining up the keynote speaker for the FFR. Ahern said the Classroom Climate Task Force had no surveys, but did receive comments back from student expressing concerns. A member commented that the FFR should focus more to specific concerns to the UMM climate, issues of retention and graduation rate, and basic data.

IT Core Transition Team
Ahern said he had met on Wednesday with the project directors from the other campuses. He said there is money remaining in the Bush Grant for the Core-Transition Team and is outlined in the proposal request. He said the task important for shaping the final proposal is to come to an agreement on critical teaching issues we want to address in the next 3 years. Ahern said four applications have been received for the Core-IT Transition team (members were e-mailed the applications before today's meeting). Members discussed the applications, and agreed that they were strong applicants. Ahern said the FDC members would receive a report on the current grant when it is completed and noted that he has received reports from several Triad participants.

Thorson thanked Ahern for serving 3 years as Director of the Faculty Center , and acknowledged the FDC members and Pederson for their contributions to the Faculty Development Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM .

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Pederson