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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for May 6, 2005
9:00 AM Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), David Hoppe, Pam Solvie
Absent: Judy Kuechle, Emily Elsner
Guest: Engin Sungur

FDC Minutes 04/21/05
Ahern asked for corrections or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 04/21/05 . Solvie noted two modifications to the minutes. Motion (Solvie/Hoppe) to approve the minutes as amended; motion carried.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2005
Ahern said the Fall Faculty Retreat planning committee is scheduled to meet on Monday, May 9 at 4:00 PM . A member of the committee has indicated a conflict with this time, and asked to reschedule the meeting for May 10 at 4:00 PM . Pederson will contact all members of their availability; and will notify members when the new date/time as been set.

Ahern has contacted M. Amborn about possible facilitators for the Fall Faculty Retreat; and said he would have more details to report at the Tuesday's meeting. The title selected for the Fall Retreat is " Collegiality and Rhythms of Academic Life" to be held at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria on August 22-23, 2005 . The FDC discussed breakout sessions. Solvie said breakout sessions should include working with faculty across campus, as well as breakout sessions involving faculty from the same division. Sungur discussed with the committee his ideas for planning and the flexibility of the Fall Faculty Retreat; he also suggested Karl Smith as a possible speaker for the Retreat. Ahern noted that the FDC sets the perimeters of the Retreat; and the FCLT Director manages the details of the retreat planning. Sungur said a list of common issues of UMM for discussion could be brought up at the retreat; noting that one such issue is addressed in the spring issue of the Focus on Faculty newsletter. One member questioned how these issues would be linked to the retreat topic "Collegiality and Rhythms of Academic Life?" Sungur replied that these issues will brought up at the end of the retreat for discussion, and faculty can collaborate on addressing the issues.

Student Opinion of Teachers Survey (Supplemental Questions)
Ahern updated the FDC on the Student Response Questionnaire. He noted the concerns included content and order of the questions. He said no one was proposing mandatory release of the questions; he had misunderstood the situation. Ahern said that students on the TC campus are completing the supplemental questions; and said he would check if UMM students are not given the option to complete these questions.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Ahern said the Faculty Affairs Committee was accepted with a decisive vote at Campus Assembly Meeting on May 4.

Visions of the FCLT - Engin Sungur
Engin Sungur, the newly appointed Faculty Center Director discussed with the FDC meeting his vision for the Center. Some of the issues discussed with Dean Schwaller included; space, equipment & furniture needs, and recognition of the Faculty Center . Sungur also reviewed the mission statement and goals for the Faculty Center . Sungur discussed the following surveys:

  1. The Faculty Quality of Life Survey (complete this survey each year)
  2. Faculty of Academic Life Survey (complete this survey at the end of each semester)

Sungur said these are important tools; they will help the Faculty Center and FDC together to make movement for improvement if problems exist. Sungur will design these surveys this summer, and with the FDC, approval will begin next year. Sungur also noted Dean Schwaller was given a list, which included equipment, office furniture, and office space needs for the Faculty Center.

Ahern announced this is the final meeting for the FDC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM .

Respectfully submitted:

Linda Pederson