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Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes of September 15, 2008
10:45 AM
Blakely Conference Room 8


Present: Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Seung-Ho Joo, Paul Grove and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)
Absent: Jess Larson
Minutes: Linda Pederson

Kim called the meeting to order at 10:45 AM in the Blakely Conference Room 8.

FDC Minutes 05/02/08
Kim asked for any addition, revision, and/or approval of minutes. Members reviewed the minutes; minutes approved as read.

UMM Distinguished Research Award 2009
Members reviewed and revised the UMM Distinguished Research Award. Revisions made as noted below.

  1. The selection committee members include: Seung Ho-Joo, Vicente Cabrera, James Carlson, James Cotter, Harold Hinds and David Roberts.
  2. Seung-Ho Joo is the convener of the Distinguished Research Award Committee.
  3. Deadline to submit nominations to the Division chair is December 8, 2008.
  4. Two copies of the candidate's completed dossier should be sent to the Convener of the Awards Committee by February 2, 2009.

Discussion of the UMM Distinguished Research Award during the past few years included:

  • A member expressed concerns that there was no winner announced during the last two years, and said that the award should encourage, not discourage faculty to apply for the award.
  • A member said that three years ago, the winner was not formally notified of the award and suggested that the award should be more organized. The member also said the Dean should be notified and make a formal announcement of the winner.
  • It was discussed where the dossier will be kept. The FDC discussed this last year, and agreed that two copies of the dossier should be submitted to the convener of the committee – one copy to be housed at the Faculty Center and one copy housed at the Briggs Library. Members discussed the decision of no award during the past two years. Joo said the committee is aware of the concerns/complaints, but the majority of the committee agreed to abide by the criteria of the award.
  • FCLT will send UMM Distinguished Award announcement on September 22.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2008
Kim said the FFR 2008 was very successful, heard many positive comments, faculty liked the sessions offered. Sungur noted Sixty-six people attended the Retreat, and said thirty-seven people were involved in organizing or facilitating the sessions.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2009
Pederson said the Arrowwood Resort has tentatively been reserved for Monday, August 17 through Tuesday, August 18, 2009 for the Fall Retreat 2009, the room rates remain the same. Discussion followed; it was approved to schedule the FFR on Monday, August 17 (half day) and a full day on Tuesday, August 18. The FCLT will sign and return the contract for the FFR 2009 to Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center.

Academic Inventories
Faculty can submit their Research/Scholarly Works to the FCLT for posting on the web. Currently, the categories include:

  1. Research/Scholarly Work
  2. Teaching Methods/Techniques
  3. Academic Technologies
  4. Public Engagement

Sungur said he would like to add another category, “Assessment of Student Learning,” and agreed to prepare a template to include: 1) What is measured, 2) How it is measured, and 3) Share your expertise.

  • Kim, as chair of the FDC, will send a memo to Faculty encouraging them to submit information to the Academic Inventories webpage.
  • It was suggested to announce the Academic Inventories webpage at the TAFS, and encourage faculty to submit their information on the website.
  • All TAFS are recorded for PODCASTING

The Collaboration of Advancement of College Teaching

  • The Dean's office informed the FCLT on 9/4/08 that UMM will no longer have a membership with the Collaboration due to increased membership fee. Members discussed the benefits of being a member vs. non-member status. The FDC sees no problem with not renewing the membership to the Collaboration of Advancement of College Teaching.

MSAF Students
Sungur said at last year's FDC meeting, Bina asked the FCLT to arrange student help; Sungur announced that two students have been hired and are in training through the MSAF program to provide technical support for Faculty WebPages. Sungur said, in the next two-to-three weeks, the students should be ready to provide help to faculty, and that an announcement should be sent by the chair of the FDC.

FDC Student Representatives
Student names unavailable at this time.

New Business
Several items were suggested for future work of the FDC. Items include:

  • What can the FDC provide to make the Faculty Center more effective?
  • The UMM Faculty Distinguished Research Award and Teaching Award originated by the FDC – should and Outreach/Service Award for the campus be added?
  • New Student of Teaching Evaluation Form (Discussion – which people should see certain parts, which parts should be publish, who decides what parts should be seen, and what parts are available for students)
    Sungur said in the previous years, the New Student of Teaching Evaluation Form was developed and designed by the FDC; but was not involved during the past year with design and development. Sungur said Peh Ng was involved with the New Student of Teaching Evaluation Form, and presented this information at the FFR 2008. Sungur suggested the FDC invite Peh Ng to the next FDC meeting to discuss the form. Kim will invite Peh Ng to October 13 meeting to discuss the Student Evaluation of Teaching form.
  • Environmental and Sustainability – This is a faculty development issue and faculty need to be trained. Agreed to invite a candidate to November FDC meeting to discuss this issue.

Meeting Date
The FDC meeting is scheduled for October 13, 10:45 in Blakely Conference Room 8.

Motion (Grove, Joo) to adjourn; the meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM.