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Minutes for September 17, 2002
4 PM Faculty Center
Humanities Annex
Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Joel Eisinger, Carol Marxen, and Greg Thorson
Absent:   Michael Benson, Nick Peterson

The meeting began at 4:00 PM with McIntosh welcoming the committee members to the first FDC meeting of the year. He said that the committee would meet either every 2 weeks, or once a month depending on the items to be discussed. McIntosh also noted that the committee is also to include two student representatives. We did not obtain their names until minutes before the meeting began. Thus, the students were not notified of the meeting today.

Materials including the meeting agenda, an e-mail message from Chancellor Schuman, FCLT Activities 2002-03, Priorities for FCLT Director, and the Quality of Life Survey 1995 including a summary of the survey by Aronson.

Committee Charge /FCLT Services
Ahern said that the first charge of the committee is to review the activities of the Faculty Center and the programs of the center and other issues for the year. He also said that the letter from the Chancellor concerning attention to Diversity is another issue, noting that he received it in mid summer. McIntosh said that he and Ahern had discussed issues for the FDC 2002-03 year, which are not prioritized, and said if there are other issues to be addressed they can be added. Ahern said that in two weeks the meeting will include a report of last years Instructional Technology project, and that he will send out a copy of the report tomorrow to the members. McIntosh said that the next meeting is scheduled for October 1, with discussion of the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern noted that a summary of the Fall Faculty Retreat will be sent out by next Wednesday, Sept. 25. McIntosh said that the charge of the FDC committee is to provide oversight and support of the Faculty Center .

The committee began with discussion of the focus of the Faculty Center , Ahern noting that the items listed came from the web page, and that these are practices that the Faculty Center has been involved in during the past eight years of operation. Ahern said that he had met with the Division Chairs about the services offered at the Faculty Center . Thorson asked what FCLT stood for, what services overlap and what is left out, and asked if the Center is directed more toward instruction than research. Ahern said that the Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching (FCLT) does strengthened instruction, but noted that the Distinguished Research Award originated from the FDC committee. Thorson questioned if Faculty Development Center would be a better title to show support of the faculty. Ahern said that the center needs to be more inclusive, that there are faculty affairs issues that the center has not addressed, such as workload, etc. The committee discussed sponsored forums. Thorson said that he would like to see charged panels to discuss 'hot themes', such as Academic Freedom.  Marxen said that she would like to have 'book talks' return, noting that this was done a few years ago. A common book was selected and read by colleagues, and then they met to discuss the issues.

Ahern discussed the on-going programs and center priorities with the committee.

On-going Programs

  • Faculty Retreat
    The review of the Fall Faculty Retreat will be discussed at the next meeting. We can then start planning for next year's retreat. The location, Peters Sunset Beach , is not easily accessible and is also crowded. Ahern said that the retreat was held at Arrowwood once, but that location was not available for this year's retreat. The value of an overnight retreat should be discussed.
  • Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars (TAFS)
    Ahern said that there are more people who want to present than we can accommodate. He suggested there might be other ways in which faculty can show their research, such as poster sessions.
  • Faculty Enrichment Program
    Ahern said that the Faculty Enrichment Program seems to be going well this year. A fall kick-off dinner is planned for this evening for the FEP/IT mentoring teams. He noted that there are 8 teams for the Faculty Enrichment Program, and 5 teams for the Instructional Technology Mentorship Project.
  •  Faculty Seminar
    Ahern discussed the Faculty Seminars. Tom Turner had 12 faculty participate in the Tenure-Track Seminar last year. It was reported to be quite valuable. Tom Turner, Leslie Meek, and Paul Myers are leading the Faculty Seminar for tenure-track faculty this year. The "Moving Toward retirement" seminar is also being considered.
  • Instructional Technology (Bush Grant)
    The IT groups are all fully subscribed.  Each group has a different emphasis and will focus on these issues.
  • Mid Career Faculty Seminar

Ahern said that the Mid Career Faculty Seminar is not underway at this time, and that an announcement will be sent out in two weeks inviting people to join.

  • Technology Mentorship Project
    The Instructional Technology Mentorship Project is a reverse mentorship team, where a junior faculty member mentors a senior faculty member.
  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers
    The Academy is interested in sponsoring conversation on Learning and Teaching, but the day and week are yet to be identified. This event would be a 'brown bag' lunch.

Center Priorities

Ahern discussed the priorities of the FCLT director.

The first thing that the FDC committee did last year was to recommend the establishment of an on-going budget. Ahern noted that the Faculty Center is now in much better shape. A line item has been established to cover activities of the FCLT. The staff is under the budget of the Dean's Office, and the FCLT budget is about double in what we had to spend in program activities. Ahern said that additional revenue is needed, but not necessarily UMM money, to support current activities and allow expansions of services. He has met with Maddey Maxeiner, and that the next step is to write a vision statement and a shopping list for the FCLT.

The mentoring program is in good shape. Good mentoring relationships have been formed and will carry forward with the members of the project.

Ahern said that we continue to enhance the visibility of the Faculty Center with brochures and flyers. He would like the Faculty Center to gain campus recognition and improved space.

Ahern said, improving the coordination of faculty development activities across the campus, is an item from last year. Some progress has been made.

Issues for 2002-03

Civic Engagement - Schwaller has appointed a task force, and recommendations will be made by early spring. Thorson said that he has been involved in different programs that don't link well with University faculty, but do link well with the students.

Service Learning has emerged as an initiative. It addresses major issues of the region. Thorson noted that the faculty may want to do a project that is good for the community, but sometimes the University is the barrier.

There was an evaluation of the FCLT five years ago, but it may be time to repeat the evaluation. There are some resources available. The Collaboration has experience in evaluating faculty centers.

McIntosh said that Aronson has summarized the questions from the Quality of Life Survey 1995.  Ahern noted that the survey was discussed last year. Ideally it is something that should happen on a regular basis, perhaps every four years. McIntosh said that Aronson's introduction questioned if some of the responses were still relevant. Ahern said that the situation should be assessed, the problems investigated, the appropriate part of the institution informed, and follow up should occur. Thorson said that the lenses of the Quality of Life are: 1) is our faculty as effective as they want to be? 2) What are the barriers? Thorson said that alot of the issues are the same, but changes have occurred since 95'. Thorson said that the focus should be on what things are hindering a faculty member. He prefers to state objectives and identify the more important matter first.

Ahern discussed retention of faculty. There is not a study of faculty for those that have left UMM, and said there is not a consistent exit survey. Eisinger noted that some faculty have left by way of retirement, and others because of the increased mobility of younger faculty.

McIntosh asked the committee to look over the remaining issues, and if there are additional issues to be discussed, please e-mail the issues. They will be added to the list to be discussed at future meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1 at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center , East Annex.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson

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