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Minutes of September 20, 2006
1:00 P.M. , Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Cyrus Bina (Chair), Bert Ahern, Jessica Anderson (student Rep.), Edith Borchardt, Carol Marxen and Engin Sungur (Ex-officio)
Absent: Jacob Croonenberghs (student Rep.)

The meeting began at 1:05 P.M.

FDC Minutes 5/2/06
Bina asked for any corrections, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC minutes dated 5/2/06. Bina briefly discussed the amended text of announcement for the Distinguished Research Award with the committee attached to the minutes; noting that demand for further clarity of the document necessitated the changes. Bina had a minor correction concerning the amended text in the minutes; the minutes were approved as corrected.

Working Paper Series (Sungur)
Sungur indicated that the UMM Working Paper Series (WPS) may need a more formal structure. He informed the Committee that during summer certain faculty members approached him requesting a somewhat more formal set-up. Sungur then met with the Library and Archive officials and formed an opinion to produce the WPS in both electronic and hardcopy formats. The Library is now in the process of selecting software in order to create a database. The production of WPS, Volume 2, is under way and all will enjoy copy-write protection as they are being placed on the FCLT website. The WPS will be available electronically through the Rodney A. Briggs Library and can be searched by name, title, or ISBN number. Bina asked how many (hard) copies for each working paper are now produced. Sungur replied that the Faculty Center (in collaboration with the Library) is producing 6 copies each paper in WPS: 2 copies for the Faculty Center , 2 copies for the Library, and 2 copies for the author. Committee then discussed the distinction between the faculty WPS and Student research Papers on the website. Ahern remarked that the WPS was originated from the Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars (TAFS) and insisted for a separate WPS for faculty unless the working paper is co-authored (with student) and duly presented at TAFS. It was suggested to observe such distinctions by designating additional categories, such as Working Papers by Students and Faculty/Student Collaboration Working Papers. One member pointed out that if a student publishes his/her (supervised) paper, we may list the student's name first, followed by the student's faculty supervisor). WPS for students will be on the Committee's agenda during Spring 2007. Members agreed that student papers need endorsement by (faculty) supervisor before being place on the web. Borchardt pointed out that this is also a useful mechanism for assessment and self-assessment.

Current Issues (Sungur)
Sungur reported that at the last two Fall Faculty Retreats, the very last session devoted to a discussion related to current (i.e., ongoing) issues at UMM. Sungur pointed out that Leslie Meek has requested the Faculty Center to facilitate an outlet for UMM faculty to discuss the emerging campus-wide issues. Sungur noted that vehicles, such as Focus on Faculty Newsletter, are neither sufficient nor flexible for constant updating of faculty's concerns. He indicated that the Faculty Center is planning to design a Current Issues page (not interactive), linked to the Faculty Center website. A member suggested that x500 password be used to access the page. Ahern moved and Borchardt seconded to approve the Current Issues link; it was approved unanimously.

Faculty Surveys (Sungur)
Sungur reported the Faculty Opinion on Administration and Quality of Life Survey were already completed by the faculty, and presented the Committee with two sets of elaborate and extensive statistical results. He asked the FDC members review these reports for appropriate reflection and discussion at a future meeting. Members agreed that these surveys also must be presented to both the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Consultative committees for review.

Bina pointed out that due to the lack of time we need to relegate the last two items to the next meeting: October 4, at 1:00 P.M. Bina reminded members that if they wish to discuss any issues send them as agenda items to Pederson.

The relegated items are:

  1. The teaching of strategic languages (Edith Borchardt)
  2. Distinguished Research Award

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson