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Minutes for September 25, 2001
4 PM Faculty Center
Humanities Annex

Present: Harold Hinds, Stacey Parker Aronson, Bert Ahern, Gordon McIntosh

Absent: Doug Reese, Mike Rea, Cyrus Pansch

The meeting begin with the approval of the April 17, 2001 FDC minutes.

Hinds began the meeting saying that he had met with Bert Ahern to discuss the agenda and also items from the previous year. Hinds asked the committee members if the meeting time was ac-ceptable to all, it was agreed that Tuesdays at 4:00 PM would be the best meeting time for the FDC committee.

"Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative teaching and Technology Strategies"
Ahern was asked to bring the committee up to date on the Bush Grant, "Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Teaching and Technology Strategies." Ahern said that the first event was the Fall Faculty Workshop which was held August 20-21, 2001. Steve Gilbert (TLT Group) was the speaker, with emphasis on collaborative and cooperative learning. Ahern suggested that refinement should be made on the proposal, including Fall Faculty Workshop, mentoring, technology teams, and mid career seminar. On the Mid-Career Seminar, Van Gooch and Pam Gades have agreed to co-lead. Ahern said only 2 people have expressed interest so far. Ahern will send out a reminder. Ahern noted that there is a 8-10 mid-career team, and that $1500 is available. Ahern proposed that the money for seminar members should be more evenly distributed rather than limited to two individuals to do course projects. Ahern discussed the instructional technology (IT) project's core team of five in the first year whose charge is to develop a plan for disseminating and supporting instructional use of internet resources, and noted that Steve Gilbert (TLT Group) as well as local people will provide support. Ahern said the second year the group will work with 25 additional faculty, and the third year these 30 will work with another 60 people. The challenge becomes how to design dissemination of instructional technology, which could include WebCt, internet base threaded discussion, Dreamweaver., etc. Ahern said he recommends that people work as a team to reinforce each other. Hinds said that the FDC committee would probably not be as involved in the decisions, but should be informed of the progress. Ahern will ask the FDC to endorse the designation of the 5 core faculty. While an invitation will go out in the next week, he expects recruitment to be necessary in order to get the right balance of different disciplines and levels of experience. The goal is to have the Instructional Technology core team selected by mid October.

Ahern discussed the IT mentoring proposal. He said that the call was sent out, using the same call as the basic mentoring program, noting the difference in money award. He said that three faculty indicated an interest in technology and were assigned to the program. However, at the end of the summer he was contacted by 2 of the 3 participants saying that they did not want to do technology, but since then have agreed to do it. Ahern said that there are 2 mentorships to allot. Ahern said that he would send out an invitation to tenure faculty asking if they would be interested in being mentored for technology, the FDC committee would decide on the partner-ships. Hinds said should the office should send out invitations for participation in the 5 core team of mentoring in Instructional Technology. Ahern noted that there is a substantial award for the first 5, and said that he did not feel it would be inappropriate for committee members to be part of the core team. Ahern will send out an announcement of the technology mentoring part-nerships available, the FDC committee will review and approve the applicants.

Faculty Research Award
Hinds and Ahern consulted last week about the Faculty Research Award. Hinds noted that the initial 6 awardees will serve as the selection committee, and rotate on by seniority (by age) as new awardees are selected. The announcement was sent out, revised to indicate the new awardee. Nominations for the award (in the form of a memo naming the nominee) must be sent to the candidate's Division Chair by November 1, the completed dossiers will be sent to the committee.

Faculty Seminar for Tenure Track Faculty
Ahern said that Tom Turner and Janet Ericksen are developing a grant proposal for the Faculty Seminar for Tenure Track faculty. He said that Turner had attended a Mid Career seminar in the Twin Cities and brought the concept back to the Morris campus. A pattern was set up to have a seminar every year - the first 6 years, mid career, and the last 6 six years. The Mid Career seminar was held last year; Aronson said she participated in the seminar. Ahern said that the book Rhythms of Academic Life has been purchased to give to the seminar participants as a nice way to encourage faculty to think long term about their career at UMM. Ahern said that there is cost involved in the Faculty Seminar, 17 books were ordered for faculty and that the Vice Chancellor has agreed to cover partial cost of the books. Hinds said that Turner and Ericksen should be invited to a FDC meeting and discuss the Faculty Seminar and budget with the committee, an entire meeting will be set aside for this.

Center's budget and institutional support
Copies of the Faculty Center budget were distributed to committee members. Ahern learned from discussion with Gary Strei that the Faculty Center does not have an on going-line budget. He said that the Faculty Center was established with a three year Bush Grant ('94-'97), with the understanding that the University would sustain the Faculty Center. Ahern said that there is a cycle where directors are asked to submit a budget, but apparently the Faculty Center has not been asked to propose a budget in recent years. The current allocation was done by Strei on the basis of last year's expenditures. Ahern said that it is very important to get into the budget cycle, to decide what is the appropriate amount and propose it is a timely manner. Hinds said that he feels we have a moral obligation to maintain the Faculty Center saying that :

1) The Faculty Center was founded by the Bush Grant, with the understanding that the University would provide ongoing funding for the center.

2) To be sure the Center must be able to demonstrate its value. McIntosh noted that he needed some convincing that the FCLT was worth the money invested. The office should anticipate similar questions as those raised by McIntosh. Hinds said that the Center should list the Grant writing works, projects done on a yearly basis, service-learning which supports new directions on campus, etc. He noted that Anne Farrell put alot of effort into the Blandin grant. Ahern noted that the center also publishes a Faculty newsletter. He said that at some point we should have an external evaluations, and get guidance from other's experience.

3) Hinds said that a list should be made of programs that unlikely would not happen without a center, and asked if they would fall between the cracks if the center was not involved with. Hinds listed examples:

  • Mid Career / Tenure Track Seminar
  • Faculty Enrichment Program (Mentoring)
  • Fall Faculty Workshop - Seminar for Faculty
  • Conversations about teaching
  • Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars (TAFS)
  • Service Learning
  • Focus on Faculty Newsletter

Collaboration conference, Spring 2002
A copy of the Collaboration Call for proposal was distributed to committee members. Hinds said that this conference ties in with Service Learning/civic engagement which is included on the agenda. The committee discussed if service learning is considered in reviews for tenure, McIntosh noted that nothing has come up in Science Division meetings. Hinds said that if the campus is going to move in the direction of service-learning, a memo should be sent to the Divisions requesting that service-learning and civic engagement to be considered for promotion and tenure decisions.

Hinds said that the remaining items on the agenda will be discussed at the next meeting, Tuesday, October 2 at 4:00 PM at the Faculty Center.

  • Study Abroad Grant
  • Recognition for service
  • Mentoring: how to improve on campus

Hinds said the committee will meet the following week, Tuesday, October 8 at 4:00 PM to affirm, if possible, the 5 faculty central core of the Bush Technology mentoring team and discuss future agenda of the FDC, and the priorities of the Director of the Center (document received at previous meeting). Hinds said that the committee should set agenda priorities for the year.

Meeting adjourned at 5:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson