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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for October 7, 2003
8:30 AM Faculty Center
East Annex
Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, Carol Marxen, Siobhan Bremer and David Hoppe
Absent: Jamie Gremmels and Derrek Brunsberg

The meeting began at 8:30 AM.  Thorson welcomed committee members and asked for introductions.  Thorson noted that it was difficult to schedule a meeting time and asked if members would be available through Fall Semester to meet on Tuesday 's at 8:30 AM.   Meeting time will be Tuesday's at 8:30 AM. Thorson anticipates that the committee will meet every three weeks or more often if necessary.

Committee Tasks/Issues
Thorson said that he had met with Ahern to discuss the agenda for the year and the responsibilities of the committee.  Thorson said his intention was to have a copy of the committee charge for each member, but did not have one.  Ahern replied that he would send a copy to the members.

Thorson asked Ahern to discuss some of the tasks and roles on campus that the Faculty Development Committee has. Ahern said that the charge of the committee is to review and make recommendations.  Some of the items include Faculty Affairs Committee, Research Award, Quality of Life Issues, Fall Faculty Retreat, Mentoring Program, Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminar, Conversations on Teaching and Working Paper Series.  Ahern also noted that the Bush Faculty Development Grant is in the 3rd year, and that a working group has been formed to apply for a 3-year continuation of the grant.  He said that this group will develop a proposal and will present it to the FDC for comments.  Ahern said that other issues may include 1) Budget cuts, what implications does this have on programs, 2) Quality of Life Survey - Ahern noted that the survey was done in 1995, and that it should be done at least every 3 years.  3) Faculty Center Director Search, and 4) Outside Consultation/Evaluator.

Thorson noted that these are some of the items that he and Ahern discussed, and welcomed other agenda items from committee members.  Thorson said that the committee oversees these issues, Ahern and the Faculty Center make it work.  Other items discussed:

  • Conversations on Teaching  - Ahern noted that three of the sessions would be as a result of the Fall Faculty Retreat on Advising
  • Conversations on Technology - (Bush Grant)
  • Working Paper Series (series of papers published from Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminar compiled into a working series).  Ahern noted that we don't have the resources for this, but 2-3 copies could be made and bound for the Faculty Center Library.  Marxen suggested that the papers could be put on line.  Thorson said that the presenter could communicate his/her preference, and also noted that the papers could be protected by the X500 password.
  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers - Ahern noted that 2 years ago, the UMM ADT members sponsored a Teaching Partners program.  He said that people volunteered, people outside of their division paired, each visited the other's class to observe.  At the end of the year, an event was planned with food and conversation to share the lessons learned.  This is something that may be done again.
  • Electronic Bulletin Board - Thorson said that he has been working with John Bowers to find a program that is not intrusive and has a high level of functionality for discussing campus issues. Thorson noted that there are not many quality programs that will work with the X500 password.

Thorson asked about video taping the TAFS presentation.  Ahern said they are usually not taped, unless requested by presenter.  Ahern noted that it could cost up to $50 if a student is not available to tape the presentation.  Thorson said recording and adding the presentation to the web could be built into students job duties.  Marxen suggested incorporating it into the new proposal.

The committee discussed the Conversations on Teaching and Conversations on Technology sessions.  Ahern said at this point a time has not been set, questioned if it should be at noon or in the afternoon.  Marxen commented that the Conversation on Teaching and Conversation on Technology are informal, that the presenter acts as a facilitator to get the discussion going.

Fall Faculty Retreat Evaluation
The committee discussed the evaluations from the Fall Faculty Retreat.  Ahern said that there was very enthusiastic responses, and feels that it was successful because of the planning. He noted that Karla Klinger and O'Loughlin presented the topic idea to the FDC.  Once the topic was decided on, Klinger, O'Loughlin, and Ahern and a broader network of faculty began working on it.  Ahern noted that many UMM faculty were involved, while the keynote speaker was not from UMM, she had familiarized herself about UMM.  As the evaluations were discussed, important points noted included.

  • Make sure that UMM people are facilitating the event.
  • Good Keynote speaker
  • Large enough facility to accommodate all.

Thorson asked for discussion of strengths or improvements for the Retreat.  Bremer said that the topic was applicable to everyone, it is something that will be used throughout the year.  Thorson commented that there was a high level of UMM participation and that the Keynote speaker was aware of the political culture of UMM.  Suggestion for improving the Retreat was a better location, being able to accommodate all wishing to attend.  Discussion also included ways to encourage people to attend (a personal invitation), or have the Retreat at the end of the year (before the finals).   Possible topics for the next Retreat included Counseling (Stress students), Procedures & forms for travel, Classroom Climate, and Civic Engagement.

Ahern said arrangements have been made for next year's Fall Faculty Retreat.  The retreat will be held at the Arrowwood.  This venue will provide enough space and can allow for faculty to combine the retreat with family at Arrowwood.  It also should allow for good collegial interaction, which is as important an aspect of the retreat as the formal program.  Ahern noted that financing would have to be worked out.  Ahern said the meeting facilities are much better and that the challenge for the committee will be how to change the retreat programmatically; building in enough recreational time, and also an evening event.

The FDC will meet on Tuesday, October 21 at 8:30 AM in the Faculty Center. The agenda will include procedures for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2004 and Faculty Affairs Committee.

FDC gave approval to proceed with the Working Paper Series.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Pederson