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Minutes for October 9, 2001
4 PM Faculty Center
Humanities Annex

Present: Harold Hinds (Chair), Stacey Parker Aronson, Bert Ahern, Gordon McIntosh

Absent: Doug Reese, Mike Rea, Cyrus Pansch

Tom Turner and Janet Schrunk Ericksen attended the FDC meeting to describe the Tenure Track Faculty Seminar which they are facilitating. Turner distributed handouts to the committee to reference as he described the program. Turner began by telling the history of how the program started. Turner said that he attended a Mid-career seminar in the Twin Cities in 1999-2000, it was an excellent program, and that there were 10-12 participants each time. Turner said that last year Anne Farrell, Director of the Faculty Center, and he began working on a series of three seminars to be offered each year. The "Mid-Career Seminar", "Tenure Tracking: The First Six Years, " and "Closure: The Last Six Years." Turner said that the "Mid-Career Seminar was offered last year with seven participants.

In his search for a partner to help facilitate the tenure tracking seminar, Turner felt that it was important to have a younger faculty member who had recently earned tenure and an older faculty member who has seen a number of changes through the years. Ericksen shared some of her ideas with the committee.
1. Balance concerns - find balance and learn what other disciplines do
2. Discussion of how to use evaluations
3. Balance practical advice and collecting resources around campus

Hinds stated that Turner is proposing a 3 year cycle and said that each cycle should be discussed during the current year . The Mid-Career Seminar was done in 2000-2001, the Tenure Tracking: First Six Years this year, and that the only seminar missing is "Closure: The Last Six Years." Turner said that there is numerous materials available for Mid Career and Tenure Track seminars, but material is limited for the last 6 years. Turner said that the Mid-Career seminar is well developed and the Tenure Track is in progress. The committee discussed different questions that are relevant to the last 6 years, such as:
1) What did I leave as a legacy?
2) Full Professor - What is it?
3) What keeps you motivated.

Ahern said that structure is very important for the success of the program. He said that there should be:
1) feedback to the committee, the committee could initiate changes if necessary
2) As the program emerges, how can we make it more visible?
3) Establishing on-going funding for the series - what will the cost of the seminar be?
Hinds said that it was a very informative and interesting discussion, but he is interested in the budget. Hinds said that if the seminars are to be folded into the structure of the Center and the FDC, Turner should return to a later meeting and discuss the budget needs. Hinds said that it is very import to have a formal structure and have it institutionalized to keep it running.

Ericksen said that a large space is needed for the seminar, noting that the Faculty Center would be an ideal setting because of the resources that are available, but unfortunately it is too small to accommodate the seminar attendees.

Turner recommended that a recently retired faculty member would be a good co-leader for "Closure: The Last Six Years." Turner asked that the Faculty Development Committee offer opinions on who would be a good candidate to work with.

Hinds said that there should be one additional step, an informational item should be presented to the Assembly. Turner was asked to return to a FDC meeting with a complete proposal and budget and how it related to the FDC. This information will be taken to the Assembly as an informative item.

Hinds said that the committee will meet in 2 weeks, and every 2 weeks thereafter. Aronson will discuss relevant sections of the Quality of Life survey on October 23. Two weeks later, the Dean will meet with the FDC to discuss a web-base evaluation (Student evaluation of Faculty). This will need a thorough discussion. One concern has been that the students might be identified. The Dean will meet with the committee to discuss the issues. McIntosh said that this is the opinions of students, it is not an evaluation, it should be treated as opinions. Hinds questioned who is being primarily served by the evaluation: faculty for the purpose of course improvement, or administrators for the purpose of evaluating faculty performance.

Ahern discussed the IT Leadership applications. He said that 7 faculty have applied, there are only 5 positions available. It was agreed that Ahern would make recommend to the committee 5 candidates, the applications would be on file for the committee members to review. It was agreed to strongly encourage the 2 applicants not selected this year to apply next year.

The FDC 9/25/01 minutes were approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson