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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for October 15, 2004
2:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Siobhan Bremer, and Pam Solvie
Guest: Paula O'Loughlin
Absent: Judy Kuechle, David Hoppe, Emily Elsner

 The meeting began at 2:05 PM at the Faculty Center . Ahern noted that after reviewing the member's schedules, it was determined that the FDC meetings would be held on Friday's at 2:00 PM .

Advising Workshops – Paula O'Loughlin
Karla Klinger e-mailed the request (Advising Workshops) to Ahern as chair and Judy Kuechle, Interim Director of the Faculty Center . Although unable to be a today's meeting, Kuechle has expressed support. (Members were e-mailed copies of Klinger's e-mail prior to today's meeting). Ahern asked Paula O'Loughlin to discuss the Advising Workshops proposal with the committee. O'Loughlin said the topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2003 was advising, and was well attended. She also noted faculty indicated a real desire that Advising Workshops should continue on campus. O'Loughlin and Klinger propose to present one topic this fall, and another in the spring. The proposed topics are “Advising, Promotion, and Tenure” (fall presentation) and “Advising: Deciding Students” (spring semester). O'Loughlin said they would like to have a maximum of two workshops per semester set up for next year. She said the workshops would be set up in the same format as the TAFS presentation (same time slot, location, and refreshments), but on the third Thursday. The committee discussed planning of the workshops, presenters, and publicity. Ahern said if the FDC endorses the Advising Workshops, the committee would look to Klinger and O'Loughlin for support for planning the event, and the Faculty Center would publicize the workshops. Ahern proposed the FDC/Faculty Center would sponsor an Advising Series on the third Thursday of November. Motion: Solvie/Bremer, approved with Kuechle's endorsement. O'Loughlin left the meeting.

Other Agenda Items
Ahern noted other items on the agenda that will be discussed at later meetings. Pederson will forward the Fall Faculty Retreat 2004 evaluation results to the committee members for review. He said at a future meeting we will talk about the focus for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2005. He asked for additional agenda items. Items suggested 1) Discuss the time for the Retreat – spring or fall 2) Discuss study groups that happened since the retreat. Ahern said that a Classroom Climate discussion group has formed since the retreat. It was noted that there is much interest by faculty to have follow-up; and the FDC and Faculty Center should explore ways in which follow-up can happen.

FDC Minutes 5/06/04 were reviewed and approved as read. Motion: Bremer/Solvie.

UMM Distinguished Research Award
Ahern briefly described the UMM Distinguished Research Award, which was established in spring 2000 with the naming of the first six recipients. He said the selection committee is made up of six most recent recipients of the award. He said the problem this year is only four members of the committee are listed, two have left the campus (retired, moved). Ahern suggested that two of the faculty who have cycled off the committee should be asked to serve again. FDC members agreed. Ahern will make the needed revisions to the UMM Distinguished Research Award.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Members received copies of the Proposed Amendment to the UMM Constitution for the Creation of a Faculty Affairs Committee (Campus Assembly Meeting 4/30/04 ) prior to the meeting. Ahern said that the vote last spring, while failing to receive votes of the required 2/3s of eligible voters, indicated lop-sided support for the Faculty Affairs Committee. Ahern reported that the Chancellor had called a meeting in mid September to discuss the future of the Faculty Affairs Committee proposal. It was agreed that the next step would be up to the FDC. One option was to revise the proposal into a change in the By-Laws. Members discussed some of the concerns voiced by opponents, i.e. 1) purpose of committee, 2) is the work being done by another committee? Solvie suggested that the FDC should look at the Campus Assembly Minutes –what are other concerns? Ahern said that by the next committee meeting we should review:

  1. a draft of a revised proposal for the by-laws
  2. the assembly minutes 4/30/04 , what was changes, concerns of proposal

Pederson will e-mail Assembly Minutes 4/30/04 to FDC Members for review.

In order to bring a revised proposal to the second Fall Assembly meeting, Ahern reported that it would need to send a proposal to the Executive Committee by Nov. 2. The Executive Board meets on November 4 to set the agenda for the Campus Assembly meeting scheduled for November 23.

FDC Meeting Dates – Fall Semester
The following dates and times have been scheduled for the FDC meetings. All meetings will be held at the Faculty Center , East Annex.

Friday, October 22 2:00 – 3:00 PM
Friday, November 5 2:00 – 3:00 PM
Friday, November 19 2:00 – 3:00 PM
Friday, December 3 2:00 – 3:00 PM

All FDC members will be notified following the meeting of the scheduled meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM .

Submitted by Linda Pederson