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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for October 21, 2003
8:30 AM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, Siobhan Bremer, Jamie Gremmels, Carol Marxen, and David Hoppe
Absent: Derrek Brunsberg

The meeting began at 8:30 AM.   It approved the minutes of the Oct. 7, 2003 meeting.

Fall Retreat Planning
The committee needs to decide upon a theme for the fall 2004 retreat.  With the move to a new venue, the committee should also explore the structure of the event.  What can be done to encourage and enrich faculty participation?  For example, the Arrowwood opens up new possibilities for family-friendly features.  While the retreat assumes that faculty members share rooms, would individuals wish to pay 50% of the cost of the room so that their family members could come along?  The rooms are spacious and the facility offers attractive recreation for all ages - waterslide, pool, golf, horseback riding, swimming, boating, tennis, etc. - as well as child care.  This could encourage more faculty to stay overnight and build a sense of community that includes family members.   Might some substantive activity occur explicitly designed to involve spouses, perhaps in the evening.  It is important that the retreat address important issues facing the faculty as well as build community.

Since it has been several years since the FDC has surveyed the faculty as part of planning, it decided to e-mail a simple and open-ended questionnaire to the faculty.  Three questions will ask for advice about topic and structure.  Responses should come in by Oct. 31, allowing the committee to review responses at its next meeting.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Ahern distributed copies of

  • the cover memo and proposal that last year's FDC forwarded to the Executive Committee
  • the composition and charges of the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs as well as that of UM-Crookston
  • the request by the Executive Committee that this year's FDC consult with designated groups before brining the proposal to the Campus Assembly.

Ahern summarized the background to the proposal ­ growing out of a request by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs that the committee pursue certain issues.   Last year's committee determined that some of the issues did not fall into the purview of development but had more to do with working conditions.   At its next meeting, the FDC will review the proposal and decide on next steps.

The FDC adjourned at 9:30 a.m.  The next meeting will be at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Submitted by Bert Ahern