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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for October 22, 2004
2:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Judy Kuechle, Pam Solvie, and Emily Elsner
Absent: Siobhan Bremer, David Hoppe and Thomas Billo II

The meeting began at 2:05 PM with introductions. Emily Elsner was welcomed to the committee. Pederson said that she received an e-mail today; Thomas Billo II has been named to the committee and was notified of today's meeting.

Faculty Affairs Committee Proposal
Ahern said the main issue of today's meeting is the Faculty Affairs Proposal. Committee members received copies of the Proposal to Create a Faculty Affairs Committee at UMM by e-mail prior to the meeting, Ahern distributed copies of the revised proposal ( 10/22/04 ) to the committee for review and discussion. Ahern shared a brief history of the Faculty Affairs proposal to FDC members. Following broad consultation on campus, the FDC proposed the creation of the Faculty Affairs Committee as a change in the UMM Constitution. The reason for this was to allow the election of the committee, since Assembly Committees are appointed by the Executive Board. While the mail ballot did not secure the 137 votes necessary, 79% of the 159 who voted did favor the proposal. Ahern noted that the Chancellor had called a meeting in September to discuss the future of the Faculty Affairs Committee. The discussion at the meeting suggested it would be more feasible to bring it in as a by-laws amendment. Members reviewed and discussed the various revisions to the proposed amendment, and the timeline for the proposal. Ahern said if the committee moves forward, the proposal must be submitted to the Executive Board by November 2 to be included on the next Campus Assembly agenda (Nov. 23). Motion made to send the Faculty Affairs Committee Proposal to the Executive Committee (Solvie/Elsner), unanimously approved. Ahern will make the final revisions to the proposal (as noted during the meeting), and will forward to the FDC members next week for final review.

Meeting Schedules
Meeting dates and agenda items for the upcoming meetings were discussed. Ahern said the agenda for the November 5 meeting will include discussion of the Fall Faculty Retreat 2005. He noted evaluations for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2004 were e-mailed to members. He said the challenge is to find a topic for the retreat, and noted that the topic should be decided on by February. Elsner asked where the retreat is held; Ahern replied that it has been held at Peters Resort, and this year at Arrowwood. Other topics for the following meetings will include: Advising workshops (one each semester) and Specific Faculty Development needs. Ahern said that the second week of November we will be notified if we received the Bush Renewal Grant, “Strengthening Instructional Technology.” He said the FDC oversees the grant, but is not obligated to manage it.

FDC Minutes 10/15/04 were approved as read (Ahern/Solvie), unanimously approved.

The next FDC meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 5, 2:00 PM at the Faculty Center .

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM .

Submitted by Linda Pederson