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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes of November 8, 2005
4:15 PM Prairie Lounge



Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Gordon McIntosh, Pam Solvie, Alicia Canfield and Engin Sungur (Ex Officio)

See Thao

Bina called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM in the Prairie Lounge.

FDC Minutes 10/26/05
Bina asked for corrections and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 10/26/05. Motion (Solvie/McIntosh) to the minutes as read, unanimously carried.

A member noted that See Thao (student representative) has not been attending the meetings; and asked if the FDC should ask for a student representative replacement. Canfield replied that Thao has not been receiving notifications of the meetings. Pederson reported that she regularly sends e-mail reminders to all members and that See Thao's name and email are already included. It was determined that Pederson should send Thao another e-mail on Wednesday informing her of the upcoming November meeting.

Strategic Planning & Focus Groups
Sungur reported that the Dean has sent an e-mail to all Directors and Division Chairs on the subject of Strategic Planning and the meetings of Focus Groups; they will meet with the Dean on Thursday, November 10 th , at 9:00 AM. Members discussed the necessity of a focus forum under the leadership of FDC for the strategic planning of faculty development. The FDC plans to have a campus-wide meeting for the faculty with Anne Carroll on November 16 at 4:00 PM. Pederson will contact Andy Lopez to arrange the meeting.

Dean's Meeting with FDC
Dean Schwaller arrived at the meeting at 4:45 PM for a conversation and questions pertaining to the faculty development budget and the recent decision on research and scholarship award. The Dean informed the FDC of an upcoming Strategic Planning meeting on Faculty Culture on January 24, 2006 at the LaFave House for the UMM faculty; he particularly extended his invitation to the members of FDC.

Issues raised and discussed with the Dean included:

  1. Technical Support on Campus (including Media Services, Computing Service, and Library):
  • Sungur pointed out that the Bush Grant is set up to integrate a faculty support system, and asked why this group has no faculty involvement. The Dean replied this triad has been meeting on a regular basis long before my arrival; it is an academic support group.
  • Sungur indicated that our training should be coordinated with the faculty needs.
  • Sungur expressed a need to have a list and more information on Faculty Development programs at UMM.
  • Sungur remarked that the FDC would like to survey all academic units on their current activities in respect to faculty development.
  1. Reward for Research and Scholarship & the Faculty Development Budget
  • Members discussed with the Dean about his recent initiative on reward for research and scholarship; concerns and questions included:
a) As a governing committee of the faculty, the FDC believes that it is its duty to participate in any decision beforehand on any faculty development issue, including the faculty reward for research and scholarship. Dean Schwaller responded by saying: “this is my money and I want the faculty member receives this award to be able to celebrate his/her success over a dinner or a bottle of Champaign for publishing an article or a book.” He also said co-authors of books/articles would all receive the same amount.
b) A member questioned where the funding comes from and if this award is a bonus or is a part of a permanent-base raise? Dean Schwaller replied it is neither a bonus nor a part of salary increase; he confirmed that this money is UMM money from the Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery or Indirect Cost Recovery and explained how UMM receives it.

c) A member voiced her concern about the Dean's request for faculty input after the announcement of the Reward for Research and Scholarship; and asked what type of responses he has received from the various academic units.

d) Sungur and McIntosh have compiled a list of 30 Faculty Development activities, and asked if there is an effort to unify the budget for Faculty Development, and if the budget is separately at the discretion of each individual academic unit. The FDC believes a comprehensive and unified budget for the entire faculty is more flexible and operates more efficiently. Dean Schwaller replied that issues surrounding faculty development vary from one academic unit to another and funding is widely diffused, and depends on how one defines the Faculty Development. Dean Schwaller expressed displeasure for concentrating the Faculty Development budget in one office and pointed out that we need do a better job of letting faculty know where funding is available by posting the information on the Dean's website. Bina responded by clarifying that the FDC is not suggesting that the comprehensive faculty development budget must be concentrated and determined at the discretion of the Dean's office. The Dean's office and the governing body of the faculty at large, the FDC, both must be responsible for putting together such a comprehensive budget. This way, the faculty will govern the comprehensive Faculty Development budget and thus hopefully the inefficiencies resulted from ad hoc and fragmented approach to faculty development will be avoided.

  1. Travel Funding
  • Dean Schwaller reported that funding for out-state travel has doubled and will know at year end if this amount will increase
  • Members inquired about In-State travel funds; Dean Schwaller indicated that the amount of In-State travel funds vary by Divisions.

Dean Schwaller left the meeting at 5:24 PM.

The FDC will meet on Tuesday, November 22 at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center . Items for the agenda will include: Approval of the FDC Minutes, 11/8/05

  1. Discussion of the Name Change for the Faculty Center
  2. Faculty Quality of Life Survey (Focus: Review/discussion of survey (Sungur)
  3. Discussion of Impact (if any) of the Strategic Planning Survey
  4. Discussion of the inter-campus (with Twin-Cities campus) research collaboration
  5. Discussion of computing services issues with Dave Loewi, Director of Computing Services (4:30-4:50 PM)

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson