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Minutes of November 17, 2008
10:45 AM
Faculty Center, Blakely 10

Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Paul Grove, Seung-Ho Joo, Jess Larson, and Engin Sungure (Ex-Officio)
Invited Guest:
Troy Goodnough
Minutes taken by:
Linda Pederson

FDC Minutes, 10/13/08
Kim asked for any additions, revision, and/or approval of the FDC minutes dated October 13, 2008. Members reviewed the minutes; unanimously approved.

Environmental and Sustainability (Troy Goodnough)
Kim welcomed Troy Goodnough to the FDC meeting for discussion of the environmental and sustainability issues at UMM.

Goodnough said during the past 2 ½ years he has worked with sustainability at UMM, and noted that his position is a three year trial position. Goodnough said through the Fall Faculty Retreat (past two years), faculty have heard about sustainability. Goodnough said several different models of sustainability are used throughout the country, and he reviewed and discussed the websites below with the FDC.

Goodnough said the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is a fast growing organization. Goodnough noted AASHE's Sustainability Across the Curriculum Leadership workshops are for faculty leaders of all disciplines who wish to develop curriculum change programs around sustainability on their campuses, and noted the upcoming conference January 9-10, 2009 at Emory University , Atlanta , GA. Goodnough said UMM is a member of AASHE. He can help faculty get access to needed resources. Goodnough said many of the sustainability projects have been modeled after the Piedmont Project at Emory University , and asked if it might be time for a Pomme De Terre Project.

Sungur said the FCLT provided help through the Fall Faculty Retreat, and wondered what the next step is, and asked if UMM is in the motivation, learning, sharing or teaching stage. Other comments, including:

  • Problem with integrating
  • Leadership stage who will lead
  • Fear of adding additional work for faculty
  • EDP Grant applicants could have a focus on sustainability
  • Create small opportunities with grants
  • Rotating focus for FYS
  • Retreats are intended to foster conversation on sustainability, used for framing and direction.
  • Need a meet with (Chancellor, Dean, FDC, others) to plan how to integrate sustainability into the curriculum without money coming in.
  • Need to clearly state the outcome, should see information from Behmler, commit to theme, should have monetary support from Administration
  • Someone should be the center of this, someone to focus on the work of faculty. Goodnough said he could keep track of faculty work and celebrate it, or it could be the role of the Faculty Center .
  • A member suggested an MSAF student should be hired to contact disciplines, ask faculty what they have changed, put together as clearing house information.
  • Sustainability webpage highlight what we are doing on campus (FCLT website) include examples of syllabi, courses, etc., collect and put on website.
  • A member suggested focus group lunches, information meetings for faculty and staff to explain what is being done on our campus and others, someone to record the information, and ask administration to pay for the lunch.

In conclusion, Goodnough said he appreciates the feedback from Faculty and the FDC. It allows him to be a better advocate for lobbying for needed resources. Goodnough asked if faculty would be interested in attending AASHE conferences if money was available.

The FDC will meet December 8 at 10:45 AM in Blakely Conference Room 8. The agenda will include continued discussion of Environmental and Sustainability (Goodnough) discussion on funding and the Academic Inventories Website (Sungur).

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM.