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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for November 18,
2004 1:00 PM Faculty Center East Annex


Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Siobhan Bremer, Judy Kuechle, David Hoppe, Pam Solvie and Emily Elsner
Absent: Thomas Billo II

The meeting began at 2:00 PM .

FDC Minutes 10/22/04
Reviewed and approved as read. Motion: (Bremer, Solvie), the minutes were unanimously approved.

FDC Minutes 11/05/04
Reviewed and approved as read. Motion: (Solvie, Bremer), the minutes were unanimously approved.

Faculty Affairs Proposal
Ahern said the Faculty Affairs Proposal has been sent to Assembly. A copy of the footnote for the Faculty Affairs Proposal was distributed to members for review. Discussion followed. Members decided it would be best to incorporate as a parenthetical footnote in the proposal text. Ahern said he would present the Faculty Affairs Proposal for the Assembly meeting (Nov. 23) for informational purposes, the proposal will be voted on at the next Campus Assembly meeting. Members discussed if it would be a mail ballet or voted on at Campus Assembly. A committee member recommended a paper vote be considered during the meeting.

FCLT Director Search
Ahern said he has met with John Schwaller to discuss the FCLT Director's position. Members discussed the position. A member asked if it would be possible to ask for a 3-5 year commitment to the position, noting this would allow for continuity for the FCLT. Problems for filling the position include:
  1. A Senior Faculty member fills the Faculty Director Position – is someone available to fill the position.
  2. Problem of replacement, how it affects career track.
Fall Faculty Retreat 2005 Topics
Members discussed the Fall Faculty Retreat topics. Some suggestions included continuation of the topic from FFR04; ask Faculty what topics they would like. Hoppe commented that the Faculty was surveyed last year about topics; he suggested reviewing this list again. He also noted that Writing Across the Curriculum was a topic suggested for last year's Retreat. Ahern said the topic for the Fall Retreat should be identified by February. Pederson will send copies of Fall Retreat Surveys to members.

Ahern asked members to send spring semester schedules to Pederson. Next meeting will be scheduled in January.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM

Submitted by:

Linda Pederson