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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for November 19, 2002
4 PM  Faculty Center
East Annex

Present:    Gordon McIntosh (Chair) Bert Ahern, Joel Eisinger, Carol Marxen, Greg Thorson

Absent:    Michael Benson,  Nick Peterson

Minutes of 10.29.02 approved

Documents distributed:
 R,p&t procedures of the four academic divisions at UMM
 Draft memo re the Dean's request to review r,p&t procedures
 NCA visiting team report, April 2000, re: campus climate for diversity

  1. Learning and Teaching agenda
    Thorson and Ahern reported back with thoughts on heightening attention to instructional improvements. Thorson expressed the desire to have more focused discussions, especially toward sharing innovative instructional efforts. The faculty needs more opportunities to share ideas about learning and teaching. Discussion explored a variety of options. For spring semester, the Conversations of Learning and Teaching and the Teaching Partners activities would be the primary initiatives with the latter having a culminating activity to broaden the conversation participants. Thorson also suggested the value of having EDP funds focus on instructional as opposed to curricular development. The committee also agreed to explore the creation of a threaded discussion web-site focused on instructional innovation. This might well be one focus on a site that allowed for discussions on a broad range of issues before the academic community. A future meeting will explore these last two points, inviting John Bowers to address the web-based bulletin-board idea.

  2. The Dean's request for examining the r,p&t process's attention to new and emerging scholarship and pedagogy and to academic advising. Ahern circulated a draft memo to the Dean in response to his request that we examine practices on r,p&t. It draws the distinction between the identification of "best practices" in addressing new and emerging forms of scholarship and pedagogy as well as academic advising and the development and proposal of policies to insure best practices.  Since the committee did not receive the draft prior to the meeting, further review and discussion will be necessary. Members agreed with the distinction between faculty development and faculty affairs. The next step is to refine the memo and add an action plan for the creation of a Faculty Affairs Committee. Ahern will provide committee members with the charge and membership text from the Senate and Twin Cities Faculty Affairs Committee as well as germane information from the UMC campus [collective bargaining addresses such issues on the UMD campus]. McIntosh reported that Jeff Ratliff-Crain, member of the Senate Faculty Consultative Committee, referred to the FDC a proposal from the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs concerning the role of tenured and tenure-track faculty in university governance. Committee members agreed that this was a faculty affairs rather than a faculty development item and further reinforced the need for the creation of a Faculty Affairs Committee.

  3. Diversity document
    Ahern noted that the NCA document called for the FCLT to sponsor workshops designed to improve the campus climate for women and students of color. These and the insights from the faculty and staff who attended the Collaboration's conference on Prizing Diversity should be on the agenda of a future meeting. Carol Marxen proposed consulting with Walter Fischer as a valuable resource person on this topic.

The next [and last fall semester] FDC meeting will occur at 4 PM, Nov. 26, in the FCLT. The Fall Faculty Retreat will be the main item of business, with Karla Klinger speaking on behalf of academic advising as the focus of the workshop.

Meeting concluded at 5:06 PM