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Minutes of November 22, 2005
4:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex



Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Gordon McIntosh, Alicia Canfield and Engin Sungur (Ex Officio)

Absent: Randi Peterson and See Thao
Guest: David Loewi

Bina called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM in the Faculty Center .

FDC Minutes 11/8/05
Bina asked for corrections and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 11/8/05 . Motion (McIntosh/Canfield) to approve the minutes as read; unanimously carried.

Out-State-Travel (OST)
McIntosh discussed his follow-up communication with the Dean in regards to OST. McIntosh shared his copy of the OST document with members for discussion; Bina had already received the OST document and asked that a copy be sent to all members via e-mail. McIntosh noted the base allocation for out-of-state travel has increased by $15,000. McIntosh reported that according to the Dean, the Chancellor is considering an additional $20,000; yet to be decided. McIntosh pointed out that this would be a considerable improvement in out-state-travel, with the base allocation increase of $15,000 and the additional $20,000 from the Chancellor's office. The FDC discussed OST carry-over amounts; McIntosh noted that if this trend continues the Dean may be able to increase the $500 allocation to $750. Bina asked for a motion to append the Faculty Out-of-State Travel (OST) document (received from the Dean) to today's minutes. Motion (Borchardt/Canfield) to append the Out-of-State Travel document to the 11/22/05 minutes; it was carried unanimously.

Name Change for the Faculty Center
Sungur distributed a document listing the names of Faculty Centers at other Universities; he noted the names often depend on the mission of the institutions. Members discussed the mission o f the Faculty Center and agreed that the name should reflect the goal/focus of the Center. Members agreed that it is important to think about some of the following terms in the new name.

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Creative Excellence
  • Professional Scholarship,
  • Citizenship or Public Service

Discussion tabled until the next meeting.

Computing Service Issues (David Loewi) 4:30 PM
Bina welcomed David Loewi to the meeting. The FDC discussed with Loewi the needs for Faculty Development. Loewi asked for a brief history of Computing Services and the FDC relationship; and how often the Bowers attended FDC meetings. Sungur replied there was no immediate connection as FDC is concerned about the implication of Computer Services activities for faculty development; the routine, general relationship, which includes administrative and student services, was through the Academic Support Committee (ASC). Members reviewed the Assembly Committee Flow Chart; discussion continued. Loewi noted it would be beneficial to have adequate communication between FDC and ASC for long term planning. Sungur said Computing Services is making changes and accordingly devise training sessions for the faculty, thus faculty should have input, and be in charge of its own development. Loewi said the purpose of Computing Services is to support all Academic functions and he intends to support both student and faculty. Bina said the FDC, as a governing arm of the faculty, reflects on all the faculty development needs, noting faculty have requested help in updating their websites, equipment, and training of personnel for this purpose. Loewi said that this is faculty's job to update their own websites; “I don't have anybody in my office to help in these areas.” Bina reminded Loewi that the faculty are already crushed under tons of menial, multi-tasking, unproductive jobs so much so that, while overworked, cannot concentrate on their main teaching and scholarship functions. This is not the faculty's job. Bina also indicated to Loewi that in this campus the task of faculty governance is a serous one, therefore it would be important for him to know that where FDC is coming from. FDC members discussed with Loewi the issues contained in the letter dated 10/12/05. The issues included:

  1. Faculty Input and decision making about technology in-service and equipment
  • Loewi responded that the purpose of his department is to help faculty, provide training for software programs;
  • Computing software is used by all people on the Academic divide.
  1. Assistance with updating the existing websites
  • Bina pointed out, as the letter indicated, FDC is requesting two students to help with updating the faculty websites that are already in existence, and request for laptop computers for the faculty. He said he would like to coordinate the Faculty's desire through FDC via the Faculty Center and the Computing Services.
  1. Provision of desk-side assistance

Sungur noted in recent years technology has changed, and that he believes faculty should have input in what tools are most beneficial in faculty development issues, i.e. what trainings faculty should have, how that training be presented, along appropriate steps or options. Loewi replied that he has no problem with FDC contacting him with a request but the difficulty arises when they want to things that I cannot provide. He pointed out that the problem could arise when no funds are available to support the request; the budget is an issue. If requested—Loewi indicated—he is willing to attend FDC meetings frequently. Sungur discussed the Strategic Planning (a 5-year plan) which involved three directors from the CRPC, but noted that it does not bring the FCLT into the action-and-interaction a formal way. Bina requested for 2-3 people to do updating of the faculty websites. Loewi said $1000 is available in Spring 2006 for an MSAF to work with faculty in a general way. Loewi said that the Dean's office has given him the authority to advertise for students to fill the positions.

Borchardt discussed her concerns about updating her discipline's and her own websites, and clearly stated how important it is to have someone trained (not just students) to update websites. Loewi replied that the Computing Services has not provided this type of service to the faculty in the past; he suggested getting in touch with the Division chair and requesting for help from the Division's budget for updating her site. Loewi indicated that the Computing Services can provide desk side service and support, but this is not the same as updating websites. Loewi noted the Administrative units are obligated to do websites; Disciplines are not. He said everyone in the Computing Services has a defined and comprehensive job; these employees have no extra time available for updating of the faculty websites.

Members discussed the DMC ( Digital Media Center ) at the Twin Cities Campus; questioned why this is not provided for the whole university system.

Sungur briefly discussed the faculty involvement in the Bush grant; noting that the faculty's need is not defined clearly; and it is the faculty that should provide the idea for their need and training, etc. Sungur reported that the Bush Grant at the FCLT supports four students during the summer and one student in the fall. He also discussed other faculty development issues, such as, (1) faculty's lack of time to learn all these proposed computing-related programs, (2) faculty‘s lack desire to be trained for something that they do not (and can't) use in their daily work, (3) the fact that, in principle, this is not faculty's job but the support services job, and (4) Consequently, we need to train students to do this academic support job for the faculty as a whole. Sungur said that we are willing to work closely with the Computing Services on these issues to extend this model. Loewi repeatedly said that the Computing Services does not have enough funds to hire students, but he said he is open to any kind of model, and willing to visit with the Divisions and the Dean.

Sungur declared that the FDC wishes to be involved in all Academic Support activities and to inject more faculty input into the development of the instruments. Sungur agreed to try the model and hire a MSAF student. Loewi will advertise the position tomorrow. Loewi said he will talk to the Division Chairs about website issues and may have to take the approach to hire students despite the fact that they are not permanent. Loewi announced that faculty are invited to a Web-Based Seminar on November 30 on Pod Casting. Technologies will be put at people's disposal; Sungur will send the notice to facpa via the Faculty Center . Loewi departed at 5:40 PM .

Bina suggested contacting the ASC in regards to (1) the question of the division of labor in connection with support services and (2) the question of what are the faculty development issues and who is representing the faculty? It was noted that technical support from the Administrative units interact with one another but not in a unified manner through the faculty. It was suggested the FDC/ASC set up a meeting in order to communicate who is responsible for what. Bina indicated that the FDC is supportive of the particular alternative but, at some point, we may need to report to the Assembly. Sungur thinks that it would take at least a year before this proposed framework is ready for implementation. Sungur informed the Committee that an office is available for instructional faculty on the third floor Science Building , and Gads will hold office hours.

The next FDC meeting is scheduled for December 13 at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center . The agenda will include:

  1. Approval of FDC Minutes 11/22/05
  2. Continued discussion of Faculty Center Name Change
  3. Faculty Quality of Life Survey (Focus: Review/discussion of survey –Sungur)
  4. Discussion of Impact (if any) of the Strategic Planning Survey
  5. Discussion of the inter-campus (with Twin-Cities campus) research collaboration.

Bina asked members to forward any other agenda items of their own to Pederson.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson