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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for November 26, 2002
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Carol Marxen, and Greg Thorson
Guests: Karla Klinger, Paula O'Loughlin
Absent: Joel Eisinger, Michael Benson, and Nick Peterson

The meeting began at 4:02 PM. McIntosh asked for comments or approval for the FDC minutes dated 11/19/02. McIntosh called for a motion to approve the minutes. Motion: Marxen/McIntosh, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Fall Faculty Retreat
Ahern said he had been contacted by a faculty member, and discussed concerns about the Fall Faculty Retreat, (August 18-19, 2003) being held at Peters Sunset Beach. He noted after discussing the concerns, and explaining this was the only location available, that it was acceptable with the faculty member. Ahern said Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center, Alexandria, MN has been reserved for August 23-24, 2004, and the contract must be signed and returned soon to confirm the space. Ahern said the cost of Arrowwood will be considerably higher, vegetarian meals are an option, and supervised childcare is available if faculty members bring their children and would need this service. Ahern noted that the cost of supervised childcare is the responsibility of the parent(s). A motion by (Marxen/Thorson) to accept Peters Sunset Beach for the location of the 2003 Fall Faculty Retreat, the 2004 Fall Faculty Retreat location as Arrowwood Resort and Con-ference Center, unanimously approved.

Academic Advising (Klinger, O'Loughlin)
McIntosh welcomed Karla Klinger and Paula O'Loughlin to the meeting, and asked them to lead the discussion on Academic Advising, the possible topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat. Klinger noted she and O'Loughlin had worked together to create an initial concept to discuss the culture of advising. Klinger noted she had e-mailed committee members the document, Creating A Culture of Advising, and asked if each had received it. The committee discussed the workshop goals 1) begin conversations around advising, such as those that are now taking place about teaching 2) draw connections between advising and retention 3) update faculty on resources available for advising 4) identify emerging issues and address them. Thorson said he is interested in Academic Advising as a possible topic for the retreat, but should consider another hook, not about retention, but student satisfaction with UMM. Klinger said that we would have to talk about retention as a sub-theme, but other issues can be addressed. The members discussed the possible format and speakers for the workshop. Klinger distributed a list of recommended speakers for the workshop, which included Dr. Susan Leigh and Arthur Chickering. Klinger said that she has not done anything at this time, and that she would need resources (people) to make it happen. Ahern suggested talking with Chickerling and discuss additional options for presenting the workshop. Klinger will discuss with Ahern the progress and budget if Academic Advising is chosen as the topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat.

McIntosh excused himself from the meeting at 4:30 PM because of another commitment.

Ahern asked that the committee confirm by e-mail if they would like to move ahead with Academic Advising as the topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern noted that the model that Klinger presents sounds good, but should also be designed with what the faculty wants. Other items discussed were 1) objectives of advising and 2) recruitment - knowing the advantages of coming to UMM.  Ahern suggested doing a survey ahead of time, to get a sense of how faculty understands their responsibility of advising, self-assessment, and evaluation of own advising. Ahern said that there seems to be strong support as Academic Advising for the topic, but it will need to be formally approved, and that conversations through out the year will help design a format for the retreat.

Thorson noted that because he and Marxen are new to the committee, he would like information on how the event is structured. Ahern said that the speaker would need to be contacted for availability, and the role in facilitating the workshop.  Klinger noted that Chickerling has the experience to build a workshop from beginning to end. Klinger said she would like Dian and Paula included in the planning stage. Klinger and O'Loughlin left meeting. Discussion of workshop structure continued. Thorson asked how much the committee has to do with the structure of the workshop. Ahern replied that it varies, depending on the nature of the topic, but that the committee sets the parameters for the workshop, approves the workshop leader and reviews the format of the event.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson