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Minutes of December 8, 2008
10:45 AM
Faculty Center, Blakely 10

Present: Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Paul Grove, Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)
Absent Jess Larson, Seung-Ho Joo
Invited Guest: Troy Goodnough
Minutes taken by: Linda Pederson

FDC Minutes, 11/17/08
Kim asked for any additions, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC minutes dated November 17, 2008. Members reviewed the minutes; unanimously approved.

Academic Inventories Website
Sungur said currently the FCLT is collecting information from faculty on Research and Scholarly Work, Teaching Methods/Techniques, Academic Technologies, Public Engagement, and recently added Assessment. Sungur said the information is linked to the FCLT website. Sungur said information on Sustainability can be collected and added to the website. Sungur explained how the system works, noting faculty submit their information online, this information is routed to Pederson (FCLT), who uploads the information to the FCLT webpage. Sungur said when enough information is received, a search engine can be created for easy access to the information. Sungur said we have information on Research and Scholarly Work, but nothing on Teaching Methods/Techniques or Academic Technologies. Sungur said faculty must be encouraged to submit information; discussion followed. A member suggested offering a prize (such as travel funds or gift cards) to faculty who submit information for Teaching, Sustainability, or Assessment; up to two awards, and winners selected by the FDC.

Sungur said the On-line Faculty Club, developed a few years ago, allows faculty to discuss issues other than through e-mail. He said the On-line Faculty Club requires x500 login, with access restrictions. Sungur said some problems occurred, due to the access restrictions. Sungur said we can revive the On-Line club during spring semester, but said issues and access must be decided.

Environmental and Sustainability
The FDC continued the discussion on the Environmental and Sustainability issue with Goodnough. Goodnough reviewed the Ponderosa Project on the Arizona State University website with the committee. Sungur suggested that Goodnough create a Breeze presentation with links, linking it from the FCLT webpage. Goodnough agreed to do this with Sungur's help. They discussed creating a Database from the Faculty Center and offering a prize for information submitted related to teaching/sustainability issues . This would take place possibly spring semester 2009. Goodnough said he would like to have actual information, (the pulse of faculty) and suggested a survey on how faculty feel – a way to gage the opinion of faculty. Sungur replied that a couple questions on sustainability could be added to the Faculty Quality of Life Surveys, scheduled to be administered in March. Grove said he believes Goodnough would receive more accurate information if he discussed sustainability with the Department Heads, attended Division meetings, and asked faculty to complete the sustainability survey. Sungur said the FDC could help design the survey questions. Goodnough said he would like more feedback, and would like to let people know what's happening across campus, across the country, and let people know what tools are available. Goodnough said there should be a webpage that shows the key outcomes, what has been talked about or agreed upon, and where we are with the commitments made.

Sungur announced a Special TAFS on January 29. The topic is “Community Based Research and UMM,” panel presentation by Will Craig (CURA), Roger McCannon, Arne Kildegaard, Carol Marxen, Bart Finzel, and Donna Chollett.

Tisha Turke will present a workshop during spring semester – “Integrating Writing into Courses,” date to be announced.

Discussed meeting times for spring semester – a suggested meeting time is Tuesday, 10:00 -11:00 AM. Pederson will send a memo to FDC members to confirm the meeting time . Schedules will be requested if they conflict with the day/time.

Meeting adjourned at 11:43 AM.