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Minutes of December 13, 2005
4:00 P.M. Faculty Center
East Annex



Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Gordon McIntosh, Engin Sungur (Ex Officio) and Alicia Canfield.

Absent: Randi Peterson, See Thao

The FDC meeting began at 4:00 PM. Randi Peterson (Education) will serve on the FDC; she is replacing Pam Solvie who is now serving on the Faculty Affairs Committee. The FDC will be assigned a new student representative during spring semester, replacing See Thao who has been unable to attend the meetings since the beginning of the academic year.

FDC Minutes 11/22/05
Bina asked for corrections and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated 11/22/05. McIntosh made two minor corrections to the minutes. The FDC dated 11/22/05 were unanimously approved as amended.

FDC Minutes 11/08/05
Bina asked for approval to amend the FDC Minutes dated 11/08/05 pertaining to the source of funding associated with Dean's proposed Research and Scholarship Award. As per Dean's notification, it was changed from the “Institutional Grant's Direct Recovery,” to the “Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Recovery.” The FDC Minutes of 11/08/05 were approved as amended unanimously.

On-Line Faculty Club (Sungur)
Sungur introduced the idea of an On-Line Faculty Club, pointing to its potential for quick faculty discussion and reaction to the outstanding issues in the campus community and academic community at large—seeking the FDC's view and its possible approval for its prompt creation. He reported that a number of faculty approached him this idea; noting that he has already initiated a page and contemplated setting up the listserve for this purpose. Sungur pointed out that, after the December TAFS presentation and interaction with some faculty members present at the presentation, this idea has become further concretized. Sungur then displayed the rudimentary framework of the On-Line Faculty Club for members to view and be able to see its merits. Discussion that followed included:

  • The On-Line Faculty Club is designed with two columns: “General Issues” and “Ask Kathryn” (Kathryn Gonier-Klopfleisch);
  • All faculty are members of the OLFC– they only need to register; some restrictions might be applied at later date, depending on further direction and desire of the faculty;
  • The set-up can be made according to different subjects, such as academic, non-academic, community, technology, etc.;
  • Each group of “interactions” may have its own moderator.

The Committee was impressed by the proposal and empowered Sungur to develop an On-Line Faculty Club for the purpose of general discussion. Motion: Sungur/Borchardt to approve the proposed On-Line Faculty Club. The approval was carried unanimously. Sungur indicated that the initial page is in draft form and will be tested. Sungur was charged to notify the faculty about the creation of On-Line Faculty Club by the end of fall semester via e-mail. Sungur anticipated that if this On-Line Faculty Club succeeds at UMM, we then might be able to invite other institutions of higher learning to link with us and participate as a larger academic community. Further discussion on the nature and mechanism of the On-Line Faculty Club will be made the next FDC meeting.

Faculty Center Name Change
Members discussed a possible name change for the Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching. Two proposals for name change included:

  1. Center for Teaching, Scholarship and Artistic Creativity
  2. Faculty Development Center

Members suggested the proposed name change be posted on the On-Line Faculty Club for feedback, noting it may lead to other suggestions. Bina reminded the Committee that accepting the alternatives beyond the two proposed changes may defeat, in the first place, the purpose of having a committee rather than the faculty at large. Sungur remarked: “At this time I am not ready to change the name of the Faculty Center .” As the proposal for “name change” was on the table, Bina called for the motion. Motion: (Canfield/Borchardt) to post the two proposed name changes to the On-Line Faculty Club for discussion. The motion carried with Chair's abstention.

Inter-Campus (with Twin-Cities campus) Research Collaboration
Bina discussed the Inter-campus Research Collaboration meeting; and asked if it would be more beneficial to invite Tom Mahoney to a FDC meeting for an update or ask him for a written report, while expressing the FDC's prerogative and responsibility in overseeing the task of Inter-Campus Research collaboration on behalf of entire faculty at UMM. There were conflicting suggestions. Bina will contact Mahoney and ask for his preference.

Quality of Life Survey (Sungur)
Members reviewed and discussed the Quality of Life Survey. Sungur indicated that data collection by the institution must be made regularly; and noted that the on-line version is more compact. Other suggestions included:

  • Provide more space for comments
  • Include what type of support faculty are receiving
  • What type of support is available
  • Detailed information

The Committee discussed time-line of the On-line survey; Sungur will make the changes and bring it to the FDC meeting in January for consideration and approval.

Bina acknowledged Sungur's meticulous efforts and solid work on the Quality of Life Survey.

Bina asked Pederson to forward to members the e-mail he received from Anne Carroll, concerning the FDC's Focus Forum responses related to the Strategic Planning/FDC meeting 11/16/05.

Spring Semester Meetings

  • Members agreed to meet generally on Tuesday at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center ; the first meeting is scheduled for January 31.
  • Randi Peterson (Education) will serve during spring semester; an additional student representative will be appointed to replace See Thao.
  • Borchardt has agreed to continue serving on the committee (if needed); Bina will contact the Executive Committee to inquire if Siobhan Bremer will be returning during spring semester.

Strategic Planning Meeting on Faculty Culture
Bina reminded members of the upcoming Strategic Planning meeting concerning the Faculty Culture on January 24, 2006 at the LaFave House. Pederson will notify Dean Schwaller whether the FDC members are available to meet at 4:00 PM on January 24. (It was determined that the FDC members will meet with the Strategic Planning Committee on January 24, from 12:30 P.M . – 1:15 P.M.)

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson