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Newsletter: Spring, 2007
Volume 9, No 2



Hidden Disabilities

The term "hidden disability" refers to a disability that is not apparent by simply looking at, or talking with someone.   Hidden disabilities can be difficult to diagnose because people who have them are often intelligent, capable people who have a deficit in one area of learning or functionality. Over the years, people with these kinds of disabilities often develop their own set of strategies for dealing with their disability, sometimes without even realizing they have a disability!   In high school these students...read more

New Round of Bush Projects

A new round of projects is on its way for the Bush Grant this year!   There will be nine new projects focusing on creating dynamic course content in order to address multiple learning styles. Participants and their projects this year include: Seung-Ho Joo "Engaging World Politics Students by Offering Course Materials in Multiple Formats." With this grant, Professor Joo Intends to spend his summer months adding..read more

Graduation Planner

In the 2007-08 academic year a new dynamic Web-based planning tool will be made available to students and their advisers. With Graduation Planner, students will be able to access all current course information and program requirements in one easy-to-use program, creating customized plans that will help them stay on track for timely graduation. The tool will be useful for students who have declared their majors or minors, but it will also allow for detailed major exploration--with the ability to create numerous plans in a consistent format...read more

Class Schedule Study of UMM Faculty Teaching Loads

An analysis of UMM class schedules during five academic years suggests that UMM teaching loads have increased in both number of credits taught (mostly after 1970) and sections taught (mostly after 1999).   Because of incomplete information and other factors, this analysis is only an approximation and is appropriate only for comparisons between years rather than between academic units or faculty members...read more

"Planning for the Future: Making it Happen"

The fall retreat will be held on August 20th and 21st at the Arrowood Resort in Alexandria, MN. The Faculty Center has received many suggestions for topics of conversation at this retreat including college student mental health and how it impacts the classroom environment and faculty, retention issues, hidden disabilities, and many more. The planning committee members are Pareena Lawerence, Bert Ahern, Dave Roberts, Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain, Tom Turner, Pam Solvie, Leslie Meek and Engin Sungur (Faculty Center Director).

Registration forms will be available mid-June.


Have a great summer!

Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars

Fall Semester 2007
Click here for the yearly schedul

September 6, HFA 6
"To optimize, or not to optimize; that is NOT the question."
- Peh Ng (Mathmatics)

October 4, HFA 6
"Let all the generals become organic farmers! Revolutionizing food production in cuba."
- Donna Chollett (Anthropology)

October 25, HFA 6
"Goals, emotions, and motivational structure: determinants of cognitive processing and self-regulation."
- Eric Klinger (Psychology)

November 1, HFA 6
"Human-Computer Interaction: The art and science of creating usable, useful, and used technologies for people. "
- Kristin Lamberty (Computer Science)

November 15, HFA 6
"Allies in transition: U.S. - ROK relation under G.W. Bush."
- Seung-Ho Joo
(Political Science)

December 6, HFA 6
- Keith Brugger (Geology)

Refreshments served at 4:30 PM. The presentations begin at 5:00 PM, followed with discussion.

You are welcome to join the speaker for dinner following the presentation (location to be announced each month).







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