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Tammy Berberi, French

Tammy Berberi, Elizabeth C. Hamilton, and Ian M. Sutherland, " Worlds Apart? Disability and Foreign Language Learning," Yale University, 2008

Abstract: As increasing numbers of students with disabilities enter our colleges and universities, faculty members are asking for precisely the combination of theory, methods, and hands-on experience offered in Worlds Apart? Disability and Foreign Language Learning.

This collection of essays dispels any stigma surrounding disability in the classroom and confronts unacceptably high rates of attrition among college students with disabilities today. The authors propose a range of strategies for enabling the success of every student highlighting practical approaches to all levels of language study, from beginning through advanced courses to study abroad.

Written by teachers and scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds, Worlds Apart? offers teachers:

  • insights from the legal arena, technology, and the cognitive sciences, and from students with disabilities;
  • resources for integrating disability history and culture into the foreign language classroom;
  • a nuanced understanding of disability at home and abroad.

By exploring the ways that disability is both universal and culturally conditioned, Worlds Apart? prompts us to examine critically the institutional environment in which our students learn.

Tammy Berberi is assistant professor of French at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Elizabeth C. Hamilton is associate professor of German at Oberlin College. Ian M. Sutherland is associate professor of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Gallaudet University.