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Pieranna Garavaso, Philosophy

Pieranna Garavaso, *"Editor's Introduction," in Philip Hugly and Charles Sayward, Arithmetic and Ontology: A Non-Realist Philosophy of Mathematics , Monograph-in-Debate Series of The Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities , vol. 90, Amsterdam/New York, NY: Rodopi, 2006, pp. 11-20.

Pieranna Garavaso, "On Frege's Alleged Indispensability Argument," Philosophia Mathematica (III) , 13 (2005), pp. 160-173.

Abstract: The expression 'indispensability argument' denotes a family of arguments for mathematical realism supported among others by Quine and Putnam. More and more often, Gottlob Frege is credited with being the first to state this argument in section 91 of the Grundgesetze der Arithmetik. Frege's alleged indispensability argument is the subject of this essay. On the basis of three significant differences between Mark Colyvan's indispensability arguments and Frege's applicability argument, I deny that Frege presents an indispensability argument in that very often quoted section of the Grundegesetze.   


Pieranna Garavaso, *"Esiste una condizione necessaria per la razionalitá?" (Is there a necessary condition for rationality?), in Esperienza e razionalitá. Prospettive contemporanee , edited by Roberta Corvi, Franco Angeli, Milan, 2005, pp. 127-143.

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