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Kristin Lamberty

Jochen Rick and K.K. Lamberty, Medium-Based Design: Extending a Medium to Create an Exploratory Learning Environment.   In Interactive Learning Environment, Volime13, Number 3 / December 2005 (pp. 179-212). Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group

Abstract :   An approach to creating exploratory learning environments using the method of extending a medium .   First, the characteristics of exploratory learning environments and medium-based design are described and grounded in related work.


Nicholas McPhee

Nicholas Freitag McPhee, Brian Ohs (UMM '08), Tyler Hutchison (UMM '07), Semantic building blocks in genetic programming. In Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Genetic Programming, (pp.134-145), Springer, 2008

Abstract: We present a new mechanism for studying the impact of subtree crossover in terms of semantic building blocks. This approach allows us to completely and compactly describe the semantic action of crossover, and provide insight into what does (or doesn't) make crossover effective. Our results make it clear that a very high proportion of crossover events (typically over 75% in our experiments) are guaranteed to perform no immediately useful search in the semantic space. Our findings also indicate a strong correlation between lack of progress and high proportions of fixed contexts. These results then suggest several new, theoretically grounded, research areas.