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Wilbert H. "Bert" Ahern

“Indigenes and Colonizers In The United States And New Zealand ” in Internationalizing Undergraduate Education: Integrating Study Abroad into the Curriculum, Lynn C. Anderson, ed. (Mpls: University of Minnesota , 2005)

Roland Guyotte

Guyotte, Roland L., and Posadas, Barbara M., "Interracial Marriages and Transnational Families: Chicago's Filipinos in the Aftermath of World War Two," Journal of American Ethnic History, 25 (Winter-Spring 2006), 134-55.


Guyotte, Roland L., and Posadas, Barbara, "Filipino Families in the Land of Lincoln: Immigrant Incorporation in Springfield, IL, since 1965, in Elliott R. Barkan, Hasia Diner, and Alan M. Kraut (eds.). From Incorporation to Arrival: Migrants to the United States in a Global Era. New York University Press (2007) pp143-1622

ABSTRACT: A community of Filipino physicians emerged in central Illinois following immigration reform in 1965. and developed an active organizational life, in which women played a central role. A generation later, newer immigrants, several of them pen-pal brides, have challenged the older patterns of incorporation. The article is based on organizational records and interview with 1965 - era and more recent immigrants.