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About the Faculty Center

The Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching, which is located in 10 Blakely, provides UMM faculty with a variety of services in their professional careers:

  • Promotes excellence and innovation in teaching and advising
  • Supports faculty scholarship, the cornerstone of a vibrant and engaged intellectual community
  • Encourages and facilitates outreach activities and service learning as a means of making UMM a truly ‘engaged campus’
  • Seeks ways to integrate scholarship teaching, and the outreach to deepen and enrich the learning process of students while promoting a more ‘seamless’ and satisfying professional life for faculty
  • Seeks grants and funding to promote professional interests of faculty. Sponsors and oversees projects that encourage the rediscovery, redefinition and reinvigoration of the UMM’s mission
  • Represents, collaborates with communities/organizations/units with a parallel and similar mission to the Center’s, both within and outside the University system
  • Gathers information on Faculty quality of life and Faculty opinion on Administration at UMM, and disseminates this information through the appropriate Campus channels for actions to improve UMM’s academic and nonacademic environment
  • Embraces a social environment for faculty to create a stronger community
  • Provides confidential counseling for individual faculty about teaching-related concerns
  • Maintains a library and online and onsite resource center on teaching and academic life

Staff and Hours  

Director: Engin Sungur, Professor of Statistics
Executive Administration Specialist: Linda Pederson

Student Assistant(s): Caitlin Smith

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
                       8:00 am - 4:30 pm


      The Faculty Center in Blakely 10 is a quiet, comfortable place for faculty to read or relax or hold group meetings. The Center's resource library includes books, videos, and current journals on a wide variety of topics related to the teaching profession including career development, professional writing, teaching techniques, testing, self-assessment, trends in higher education, etc. The Center houses a 2 multi-media work stations, a Powermac, and a Dell PC for faculty experimentation in course design and a VCR. Faculty may help themselves to coffee or tea.

Faculty Seminars:

      The first Thursday of every month a UMM faculty member presents a talk based on their research, creative work, or other professional activities. Faculty gather for refreshments before the talk and are invited to join the speaker at dinner afterward (click here to see the schedule. If you are interested in giving a talk about your research, please contact Engin Sungur.


      The Faculty Center coordinates the annual Fall Faculty Workshop, promotes faculty participation in the conferences of The Collaboration for the Academic Advancement of College Teaching and Learning, a regional alliance of colleges, and sponsors other on-campus activities.