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Archibald Bush Foundation 2004–2007 Grant Project,
“Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative
Teaching and Technology Strategies.”

December 6, 2007
Celebration and Sharing of participants' accomplishments

Poster Presentations:

Three year Grant Overview Poster
Bush IT Core Group

Concept Maps and Graphs in the Instructional Process
Pamela A. Solvie, Engin A. Sungur

Course Prototype: Innovative Teaching with Technology: Implementing the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Higher Education
Pamela G. Gades, Karen M. Cusey, Katherine A. Benson

Example Projects
Ted Pappenfus, Pamela A. Solvie, Marynel Ryan,

Computer-assisted Calculus Education Project II Upgrading Mathematica Modules Byungik Kahng