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The Faculty Enrichment Program

     The Faculty Enrichment Project fosters the professional development of tenure-line faculty by providing them with a senior mentor and by providing a stipend for professional development purposes. For example, the stipend could be used for the purchase of professional books, journals, software, teaching aids, or attendance at professional meetings, such as the conferences of the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning, held in the Twin Cities twice a year. Faculty mentors also receive a stipend.

      The UMM Faculty Enrichment Project is aimed at assisting probationary tenure-track faculty in becoming fully integrated into UMM's teaching mission. The One hundred thirty-eight UMM faculty who have participated in this mentoring program over the past 13 years have given strong testimony to its benefits.

      One of the strengths of the program often mentioned by participating faculty is its flexible structure, encouraging the mentoring pairs to develop a plan of activities that meets individual needs. Within the general guidelines of the grant, the participants determine the goals of the mentor-mentee partnership and the procedures for meeting those goals.

      Selection of mentees is made by the Faculty Center Development Committee and the Coordinator for Faculty Development based on general criteria that are reflected in the information requested on the application form. Faculty chosen to participate in the program will select their own mentor in consultation with the Coordinator for Faculty Development.

Faculty Enrichment Program 1991 to 2009
Instructional Technology Mentorship Program 2000-2004

      Please direct inquiries to Engin Sungur, Faculty Center, Blakely 10.