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1 February 2002

To: UMM Faculty

From: UMM Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Subject: Teaching Partners: Sharing the Craft of Teaching II

Have you wondered about how and why colleagues in another part of the campus teach? Have you wished to gain feed-back about your own teaching from a colleague who is not involved in formally evaluating you? Have you simply hoped for a focused discussion on our students and our teaching? To these ends and, more generally to help us all sharpen our teaching through sharing, we invite you to participate in a short-term teaching partnership. In keeping with its mission "to recognize and celebrate teaching excellence and to foster the continued improvement of teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota," the Academy of Distinguished Teachers inaugurated an annual conference in spring 2001. Entitled "Opening the Door: Sharing the Craft of Teaching," the inaugural event was for all campuses of the University and was combined with the ceremony presenting the all-University Teaching Awards. This year, each campus will have its own celebration of teaching excellence. The UMM Academy members are planning an enterprise designed to "open the door" on our teaching at UMM. The exercise will culminate in an all-campus event on April 1. In particular we urge you to sign up for a teaching partnership, in which two faculty will share their teaching practices. Participants will be randomly paired across divisional lines in mid February. Subsequently partners will visit with each other, sharing materials pertaining to a course each person is currently teaching, explaining the course goals and methods, and setting the specific class session in context. The teams will then meet over lunch (compliments of the Academy) and reflect upon their experiences. Participating faculty will meet during the week of March 25, sharing their "lessons learned" and refining plans for the Celebration on April 1. That event will include a commentary on teaching excellence by VCAA Schwaller, a panel discussion on the value of "opening the door" and small group discussions about effective teaching at UMM led by team participants.

Joining the UMM Academy in sponsoring this event are the Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the UMM Alumni Association. If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the conference planning committee: Bert Ahern (history, FCLT), Jim Cotter (geology), Van Gooch (biology), Jenny Nellis (Studio Art), Peh Ng (math), Engin Sungur (statistics).

Invitation to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers Event - April 1, 2002

Academy of Distinguished Teachers Tables 4/1/02

Academy of Distinguished Teachers Speech 4/1/02