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Foreign Languages at UMM

UMM offers Major and Minor programs in French, German, and Spanish. UMM also courses in American Sign Language (ASL), Anishinaabe, Dakota, English as a Second Language, Italian, Latin, and Portuguese.

As part of their GenEd Requirements, UMM students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. You may do so by scoring well on a proficiency exam (offered in French, German, and Spanish) or by taking a minimum of two semesters of foreign language at UMM. Preparing for work in a world that relies increasingly upon the interdependence of different cultures, many UMM students opt to pursue foreign language study beyond the required level of proficiency and to pursue a course of study abroad.

If your Placement Exam Score indicates that you should enroll in a course that is only offered in the spring semester, consider taking the preceding course in the fall. College foreign language courses advance at a brisk pace, and you may find that a refresher is a springboard for your continued success. It is never a good idea to skip a semester of foreign language if you can avoid doing so.

Directory of UMM Foreign Languages

American Sign Language Tim Poore
Anishinaabe Gabe Desrosiers
ESL Nancy Pederson
French Tammy Berberi
German Ana Foteva
Italian Viktor Berberi
Latin Lisa Bevevino
Portuguese Stacey Aronson
Spanish Stacey Aronson