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Foreign Language Links

These lists are hardly exhaustive! Take on the internet on your own and you will discover dozens of sites related to foreign cultures that interest you. Clicking on a link will open the site in a new window: just close it to return to the LTC website. When you find a site you enjoy, bookmark it! Under the lists relating to each of UMM's Major languages, you'll find other great FLinks, including Prof. Viktor Berberi's favorite Italian links!

French FLinks

French-English Dictionary on-line

Tex's French Grammar Resource

French Tongue Twisters

French Body Language & Gestures

BBCi French Resources on-line (pronunciation, a slang dico, free interactive courses, etc. Spend time browsing this site! It's fantastic)

Cuisine (in French) (search for French or other cuisine in English)

African Cookbook (in English)

Francophone Links

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Africa Online


Treasures from the BNF (overview of French History)

The French Kingdom (


Poésie française

ClicNet: Litt. Francophone virtuelle




Chanter! la chanson d'expression française

APL Musique (French Music Database)


Link to newspapers throughout the Francophone world via The Paper Boy

Radio & Television

Radios Francophones (links to Francophone radio from around the world...find pull-down menus at top)

TF1 (*most* of the site is accessible w/o a subscription...)

France 2



UMM July in Paris (official site)

UMM Study Abroad Office

Paris Tourisme (a tremendous collection of links about anything ane everything in Paris, en anglais) (point and click to a destination and get all the info you'll need to travel: en français)

Spanish FLinks

Spanish Reference

Word refence dictionary: Spanish Dictionary with a description in English.

Spanish Grammar: Spanish Grammar for beginners to advanced students.

Spanish Tutorial: Get some practice with this Spanish tutorial.


News, Music, Sports in Spanish

News in Spanish I: CNN in Spanish.

News in Spanish II: Prensa Libre.

Entertainment: Find everything you want about spanish artists.

Lyrics of spanish music: Find the lyrics of your favorites songs.

Spanish Singers' Web Sites


Daddy Yankee.

Mark Anthony.


Alejandro Sanz

Other FLinks

Portuguese Language Exercises on-line (Linguatext)

Native American Languages Resources

Lakota and Dakota Resources (Creighton U)

Indigenous / Native Language Resources (includes links to Nàhuatl resources)

ASL Resources (Yamada Language Center, U Oregon)

U Minnesota Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Project

UR-CVANET Global Village (Univ. of Richmond's FLinks)

iLoveLanguages ("Your Guide to Languages on the Web")

The Paper Boy (links to 5,759 newspapers worldwide)

European Comics on the Web (do a keyword search in any European language or browse comic books in FL)

UCLA Languages Materials Project (resources for less commonly taught languages)