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International TV via satellite

The international programming available in the LTC is hosted by Dishnet™. Click here for a complete interactive guide to all programming, or see individual channels below. Programming is available during LTC Hours of Operation.

Great Wall TV
Channels 265, 646, 654, 655, 664, 676, 677, 679-681, 686, 690, 695-701, 706-708, 753, 754
Chinese Channels provids the latest news and entertainment television from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries in the Asian Pacific region. Broadcast primarily in Mandarin, these Chinese-language channels deliver a complete variety of television entertainment, including movies, dramas, talk shows, game shows, children's programming, documentaries and live news.
TV5 Monde
Channel 731
TV5 transmits French and Francophone culture throughout the world, and airs news, documentaries, talk shows, and feature length films. For Current Programming, Click on Guide des programmes. Sign up to have the monthly guide sent directly to you by email by clicking Mon programme par courriel at the bottom of the Guide.
Channels 724-726, 610 & 901
German TV 's combined programming of the popular German public broadcasting stations features the latest news reports, information programs, entertainment shows, movies, top-quality children's programming and highlights from Germany's Bundesliga matches.
Panorama Italiano
Channels 600, 727, 730, 756, 901 & 908-910
Panorama Italiano offers a wide variety of programming, round-the-clock, including Italian news, documentaries, talk shows, sporting events, and feature-length films.
Brasil Mais
Channels 597 & 814-15
Novellas, soccer matches, live news, and talk shows on the top-rated channel from Brazil.
Latino Popular
Even Channels
4818-4864 & 4865-4868

The LTC offers a package of more than twent-fivey Latino TV stations. Use the satellite remote to browse these stations.