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Morris Academic Alert

Initiated in 2004, Academic Alert is a partnership between Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the Scholastic Committee. Academic Alert is an integrated, campuswide approach to supporting student success, retention, and graduation. The Morris campus uses an enhanced and simplified system for sending alerts on students who are academically at-risk: Morris Academic Alert

Options for Sending Alerts:

  1. Watch your email for requests to complete Academic Progress Checks on the students in your classes. These requests will be sent in Week 3, Week 7 (midterm), and Week 14 of each semester and will focus on time relevant information. Simply follow the link provided in the email and complete the Academic Progress Check.
  2. Access the general, holistic Academic Alert at any time via the Morris Academic Alert Frontline. This is a great option for alerting students who are not in your classes, such as your advisees, or for instances when you don’t want to wait for an upcoming Academic Progress Check. Click on “Send An Alert” to alert an individual student or “My Students” to send alerts for multiple students.

Access the Morris Academic Alert System

As we transition to the updated system your questions and feedback are welcome and encouraged. Please contact Jessica Porwoll, retention coordinator and Morris Academic Alert system administrator at or 320-589-6178.

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