Stereo #21 CD    

"Christmas with the UMM Choir"

Hodie Christus Natus Est, Veni Creator Spiritus

Of the Father's Love Begotten, Gregorian Chant

O Seigneur, Sweelinck

Vidi Aquam, Gregorian Chant

Ave Maria, Biebl

Advent Motet, Schreck

Orietur Stella, Gallus

Hodie Christus Natus Est, Palestrina

Hodie Christus Natus Est, Willan

Lift Up Your Heads, Traditional Hymn

Wake, Awake, F. M. Christiansen

O Day Full Of Grace, F. M. Christiansen

Song of Simeon, Gretchaninoff

O Come Little Children, Shultz

The Friendly Beasts, Traditional Carol

Rise Up Shepherds, Besig

Goin' To Bethlehem, Althouse

Go Tell It On The Mountain, Traditional Carol

Lord Of The Dance, Traditional Carol


Stereo #20 CD   (2007)

"UMM 2007 Concert Choir"

Lord Turn My Soul, Ken Hodgson

Kyrie Eleison, arr. Paul Christiansen

Prelude, Olaf Christiansen

Two Choruses for Double Choir (sung in German):

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, Heinrich Schultz

Be Not Afraid, J. S. Bach

Drop Down, Ye Heavens From Above, J. Winston Cassler

Benedictus, E. Paladilhe

Hodie Christus Natus Est, Healey Willan

Deux Poems, Darius Milhaud:


         Le Brick

Let's Go Walking Again, Ken Hodgson

Linden Lea, R. Vaughan Williams

This is My Father's World, arr. Paul Christiansen

Two Spirituals:

I Got Shoes, arr. Shaw/Parker

Go Where I Send Thee, Andre Thomas

William Tell Overture, Rossini/Eschliman

Shalom Chaverim, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #19 CD     (2006)

"UMM 2006 Concert Choir"

I Am The Resurrection, Heinrich Schutz

God's Son Has Made Me Free, Edvard Grieg

Pilgrim's Hymn, Stephen Paulus

I Will Sing You A New Song, Knut Nystedt

Two Hymn Settings, arr. Paul Christiansen:

         Children of the Heavenly Father

         Day By Day

Praise To The Lord, F. M. Christiansen

Two Irish Folk Songs, arr. Jon Washburn:

         Bonny Portmore

         Bendemeer's Stream

Four African American Gospels, B. J. Reagon:

         The Sun Will Never Go Down

         Come Unto Me


         I Remember, I Believe

Set Down Servant, Robert Shaw

Two Norwegian Folk Songs:

Svardspolska, Carl Ragberg

Per Spellman, arr. Paul Christiansen

Shalom Chaverim, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #18 CD 109 (2005)

"UMM 2005 Concert Choir"

Jubilate Deo, Giovanni Gabrieli

O Seigneur, loue sera, Jan Pieters Sweelinck

Ubi Caritas, Raminish

Motet, Op. 29, J. Brahms:

         Create In Me

         O Cast Me Not

         Grant Unto Me

Magnificat, Mark Bauer

Lost In the Night, F. M. Christiansen

How Great Are Thy Wonders, G. Schumann

O Day Full Of Grace, F. M. Christiansen

Trois Chansons de Charles D'Orleans, Claude Debussy:

         Dieu! Qu'il la fait

         Quant J'ai ouy

         Yver, vous nastes

O Waly, Waly, arr. John Rutter

Folk Songs and Spirituals:

Rock-a Ma Soul, Paul Christiansen

Wade In De Water, arr. Allen Koepke

Shalom Chaverim, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #17 CD   (2004)

"UMM 2004 Concert Coir

Hodie & Veni Spiritus, Gregorian Chant

Of The Fathers Love Begotten, arr. Ken Hodgson

O Seigneur, Sweelinck

Hodie Christus Natus Est, Sweelinck

Jesus, Priceless Treasure, J. S. Bach

A Rose Touchede By The Sun’s Warm Rays, Berger

Speak To One Another, Berger

Magnitudo, Bauer

Psalm 50, F. M. Christiansen

Trois Chansons de Charles D’Orleans (Sung in French),

Claude Debussy:

1.   Dieu! Qu’il la fait bon regarder!

2.   Quant j’ai ouy le tabourin

3.   Yver, vous n’astes qu’un villain

Sleep, Whitacre

O Waly Waly, English Folk Song, arr. Rutter

Aon’t Got Time To Die, arr. H. Johnson

Ain’a That Good News, arr. W. Dawson

Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, arr. W. Dawson

O, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? arr. P. Christiansen

Shalom Chaverim, arr. K. Hodgson


Stereo #16 CD 107 (2003)

"UMM 2003 Concert Choir"

Alleluia, Ascendit Deus, William Byrd

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs, Karl Graun

Vidi Aquam, arr. Paul Christiansen

Hodie Christus Natus Est, G. P. da Palestrina

Singet dem Herrn ein neus Lied, J. S. Bach

Musicks Empire, Lloyd Pfautsch

Sancte Michael Archangele, Chad Olson

Alleluia, Randall Thompson

Wake, Awake, F. M. Christiansen

Lift Up Your Heads, arr. Olaf Christiansen

O Come, Little Children, arr. James Fritschel

Rise Up, Shepherds, Don Besig

Goin' to Bethlehem, Jay Althouse

Riverside Suite:

Shall We Gather by the River, Robert Lowry

Down to the River to Pray, arr. Sheldon Curry

Down by the Riverside, arr. William Dawson

American Folk Songs and Spirituals:

Cindy, arr. Salli Terry

O Lemuel, arr. Roger Wagner

Shalom Chaverim, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #15 CD 106 (2002)

"UMM 2002 Concert Choir"

Oritur Stella, Jacob Handl

Kyrie Elieson, Giovanni Per da Palestrina

Haec Deus, William Byrd

The Spirit Also Helpeth Us, Johann Sebastian Bach:

         Andante con moto

         Allegro moderato

         Alla breve


The Lamentations of Jeremiah, Alberto Ginastera

Song of Simeon, A. Gretchaninoff

In Te Credo, Chad Olson

Light Everlasting, Olaf Christianson

O Day Full of Grace, F. Melius Christianson

Nocturnes, Hildor Lundvig:

Flowering Almond Tree

         Quiet Rain

Early Spring

Go Tell It On the Mountain, arr. Carolyn Jennings

Lord of the Dance, arr. Larry L. Fleming

Shalom Chaverim, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #14 CD 105 (2000)


Lord, Turn My Soul To Worship Thee, Ken Hodgson

Of The Father's Love Begottten, Gregorian Chant, arr. Ken Hodgson

Ave Maria, Franz Biebl

Advent Motet, Gustav Schreck

Celestial Spring, F. M. Christiansen:




Lead Me Gently Home, Hymn, arr. Paul Christiansen

Lovely Heart, Hugh S. Roberton

Two Songs About Love, Gerald Finzi:

I Praise the Tender Flower

My Spirit Sang All Day

Down By the Riverside, Traditional Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan

Be It So, Traditional Spiritual, arr. Paul Cerbus

Oh Lemuel, Stephen Foster, arr. Roger Wagner

Shalom, Chaverim, Traditional Hebrew Folk Song, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo#13 CD 104 (1999)

"Life on the Prarie"

Trumpets of Zion, Olaf Christiansen

Sicut Cervus, Giovanni P. da Palestrina

The Desert Shall Blosoom As A Rose, Paul J. Christiansen

Three Native American Texts, Kenneth Jennings:

         The Dust Of The Red Wagon (Northern Ute)

         The Deer And The Flower  (Yaqui)

         The Web Of Life (Chief Seattle)      

Spoken intro to “The Prayer….”

The Prayer of the Children, Jackson Berkey

Woekicetu (Resurrection), Dadee Reilly

Three Psalm Settings (Sung in Dakota) Walter May:

         Psalm 1

         Psalm 23

         Psalm 118

Praise To The Lord, F. Melius Christiansen

Choruses From “The Tender Land,” Aaron Copland:

The Promise of Living

         Stomp Your Foot

Goin’ To The Auction, Z. Randall Stroope

This Little Light Of Mine, Spititual, arr. Paul J. Christiansen

Little Wheel A-Turnin’, Spiritual, arr. Theron W. Kirk


Stereo #12   CD 103   (1997-98)

"UMM Concert Choir"

Let All the Peoples, Gallus Dressler

God Woke the Stars, Ron Nelson

O Magnum Mysterium, Morten Lauridsen

Hodie, Healey Willan;                    

Two Gregorian Chants, arr. Paul Christiansen:



Yea Thou I Wander, Georg Schuman

Lamentation of Jeremiah, Alberto Ginestera

Many And Great, Native American          

This Is My Father’s World, Frank Shepherd, arr. Paul Christiansen               

Go Tell it on the Mountain, Traditional carol, arr. Carlyn Jennings

Go Tell John, Larry Flemming

Day by Day, Hymn Tune, arr. Paul Christiansen

There Is a Balm, Spiritual, arr. William Dawson

There’s a Light, Ken Hodgson

Witness, Spiritual, arr. Jack Halloran

Marianna, North Country Folk Tune, arr. Philip Wilby       

Goin to the Auction, Z. Randall Stroope


Stereo #11   CD 102   (1995)

"Songs of the Prairie"

 Kyrie, Gregorian Chant, arr. P. J. Christiansen

The Desert Shall Blossom, Paul Christiansen

Advent Motet, Gustav Schreck

O God Our Help In Ages Past, William Croft

Children of the Heavenly Father, Swedish Folk Tune, 

     Arr. P. J. Christiansen

God's Son Has Made Me Free, Edward Grieg

The Spirit Also Helpeth Us, J. S. Bach

Psalm 50, F. M. Christiansen:

I. The Mighty God

II. Offertory

III. Doxology

Love's Old Sweet Song, J. L. Mulloy

Last Night, Haldan Kjerulf, arr. Ken Hodgson

Winter's Night, Traditional American, arr. Jeffery Engholm

Down In The Valley, Kentuky Folk Tune, arr. George Mead

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, Irish Air, arr. Anonymous

A Vocal Combat:

         The Spanish Cavalier, Wm. D. Hendrickson

         Salomon Levi, College Song

The Bull Dog, College Song

Skip To My Lou, American Dance Tune, arr. Paul Christiansen

Shalom Chaverim, Hebrew Folk Song, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #10   CD 101   (1993)

The Peaceable Kingdom, Randall Thompson

Sing Ye Merrily, Arnold Mendelssohn

Make Haste, O God, James Fritschel

Easter Morning, Paul Christiansen

Son of Man, Be Free, Olaf C. Christiansen

Wake, Awake, Philipp Nicolai

Trois Chanson Frances, Francis Poulenc

The Friendly Beasts, Arr. Robert Scholz

The Earth Adorned, Waldemar Ahlen

This Is My Father’s World, Franklin Shepherd

Two About Jesus, arr. L. Flemming:

Every Time I Think About Jesus

Ride On! King Jesus

Rock-a-Ma Soul, Spiritual, arr. P. Christiansen

Shalom Chaverim, Hebrew Folk Song, arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #8: The UMM Concert Choir 1991 Concert Tour-Cassette


Lord, If I But Thee, Heinrich Schutz;

Resurrection, Jacob Gallus;

Singet dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied, J.S. Bach;

O Praise Ye God, P,I Tchaikowsky;

God Calls, Kenneth Hodgson;

Set me As A Seal, René Clausen;

I Will Sing You A New Song, Knut Nystedt;

Advent Motet, Gustave Schreck;

There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue, Robert H. Young;

Set me As A Seal, René Clausen;

I Will Sing You A New Song, Knut N ystedt; Advent Motet, Gustave Schreck;

There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue, Robert H. Young;

Let's Go Walking, Ken Hodgson;

A Girl Merrily Was Dancing, Swedish Folk Song Arr. Henry Hallstrom;

Valvisa, Swedish Folk Song Arr. Carlelow Nordstrom;

Svardsjopolska, Swedish Folk Song; Heav'nly Father Be It So, Paul Cerbus;


Stereo #7: Go Tell It On The Mountain-Cassette


Hodie Christus Natus Est, Jan Pieters Sweelinck;

Vidi Aquam, Gregorian Chant;

O Lord God, To Thee Be Praise, Jan Pieters Sweelinck;

Come, And Let Us Worship, Alexander Gretchaninoff;

Easter Morning, Paul Christiansen;

An Apostrophe to The Heavenly Hosts, Healey William;

Amazing Grace, Early American Melody (Arr. L. Sateren);

Day By Day, Oskar Ahnfelt (Arr. P.J. Christiansen);

Celestial Spring: The Spirit's Yearning/Exultation/Regeneration/Glorification, F. Melius Christiansen;

Glory To The New Born King, Robert L. Morris;

Winds Through The Olive Trees, Early American Melody (Arr. P. Christiansen);

Go Tell It On The Mountain, Spiritual Carol (Arr. C. Jennings);

Hiney Mah Tov, Hebrew Folk Tune (Arr. Levine);

Oh! Lemuel, Stephen Foster, Arr. Roger. Wagner;

Shalom Chaverim, Arr. Ken Hodgson


Stereo #6: Sing We Merrily-Cassette


Jubilate Deo, Orlando di Lasso;

Tu Pauperum Refugium, Josquin des Prez;

Exultate Deo, G. P. d. Palestrina;

I Am The Resurrection And The True Life, Heinrich Schütz;

Be Not Afraid, Johann Sebastian Bach;

Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength, Martin Shaw;

Prelude, William Schumann;

God Calls, Ken Hodgson;

Mary Had A Baby, Spiritual, Arr. B. Scandrett;

Amen, Jester Hairston;

There's A Light Within My Spirit, Ken Hodgson