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Leadership Opportunities

A great many people that aren’t part of the full time staff contribute extra time and energy towards making Computer Science great at UMM. While we couldn't hope to thank them all, there are a few individuals that we simply can’t do without.

Dungeon Masters

The programming labs (affectionately termed 'the dungeon') available for computer science students as well as the discipline servers are supervised and maintained by students who work tirelessly to ensure that the computers are always running the latest stable software and that the servers are on-line. Typically there are two dungeon masters.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Tutors

Teacher Assistants (TAs) are students that perform a range of tasks including grading, grade reporting, lab preparation, “lab hours”, and developing and testing course software. The work load depends on the class. For example, a TA for a 1000 level course is most likely going to concentrate solely on grading and paperwork help. TAs for 2000 and 3000 level courses may help with grading, lab setup and may be asked to attend labs to answer student questions.TAs for 4000 level courses would usually help with course setup and test out tools and assignments for the class. Every effort is made to attempt to match applicants with courses and instructors that will lead to a successful experience.

Computer Science Tutors help students individually. They are matched with students on a case-by-case basis. Persons who serve as TA’s may also be included on the list of eligible tutors.

If you are interested in becoming a TA or a tutor or in getting help from a TA or a tutor, please contact Elena »

Student Representatives

Every year computer science majors are given the opportunity to vote for the student that they would would like to have represent their interests to the rest of the discipline. For every thirty votes (or part there of) cast, a student is elected and given full voting rights to all discipline and division meetings. So if thirty students vote, two student representatives are elected, sixty votes gets three representatives, hence the more votes, the better.

ACM Officers

The ACM Club officers are responsible for promoting the discipline to new students as well as organizing special sessions and events that range from from career planning to programming contests.

Current Officers »