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Elementary Education Scholarships

Scholarships at the University of Minnesota, Morris

The University of Minnesota, Morris has a strong scholarship program that includes scholarships particular to education students. The Office of Financial Aid provides comprehensive scholarship information for the campus, but here are highlights:

Morris offers Automatic Scholarships ranging from full tuition to $1,000 per year based on high school class rank, National Merit status, or cumulative GPA for transfer students.

Morris’s Competitive Scholarships Program awards incoming first-year students scholarships that range from full tuition to $5,000 per year based on several criteria, including an essay.

Many donor-funded scholarships at Morris are available to students because of generous donations from Morris alumni and friends of the campus. Eligibility varies based on each scholarship's awarding criteria.

Scholarships available for students pursuing elementary educational careers are listed below.

Education students are automatically eligible for the following scholarships:

American Indian Salt Springs Teacher Scholarship

The American Indian Salt Springs Award is presented to outstanding American Indian education students.

Criteria: A committee chooses recipients on the basis of academic excellence and contribution to the Indian and campus community.

Amount: $1,000

Beverley Wartman Munson Scholarship

Beverley Wartman Munson was a 1967 elementary education graduate who died in 1984. Her sister, Judy Wartman Schmidt Blair '73, and Judy's husband, Michael Blair, established the scholarship in her memory in 1999. Recipients are elementary education majors.

Criteria: Elementary education major

Renewable by maintaining academic progress requirements

Amount: $500

Carrie Wickstrom Scholarship

A scholarship made it possible for Carrie Wickstrom to complete her West Central School of Agriculture education in 1929 and go on to college to become a teacher. Based on academic merit and financial need, recipients of the scholarship she established are students pursuing licensure in education with preference given to those intending to teach at the elementary level.

Criteria: Seeking teaching licensure in elementary or secondary education (preferably elementary), academic merit, financial need (preference of students with financial need)

Amount: $1,000

Elementary Education Alumni Scholarship

The Elementary Education Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a Elementary Education student based on academic merit. This scholarship is made possible by collective gifts from UMM education alumni.

Criteria: Elementary Education major

Amount: $1,000

William R. King Scholarship

Established by William R. King'73, who earned a bachelor of arts in elementary education, this scholarship is award to seniors planning to teach elementary education in rural Minnesota. Preference is given to students of color.

Criteria: Elementary education major, 3.0+ GPA, financial aid need

Amount: $1,000

Education students must complete an application for the following scholarship and award:

Estelle Lee Scholarship

This scholarship was created through the estate of Estelle Lundring Lee, a longtime resident of Morris and friend of the Morris campus. The scholarship assists those planning to teach in elementary, secondary, or higher education in obtaining a multi-cultural experience outside of Minnesota. It covers the course fee charged for students who go outside the sixty-mile service area for student teaching.

Criteria: GPA 3.25 minimum, student teach outside of Minnesota in a culturally diverse school

Amount: $300

McCoy Kaufman Scholarship

One of four scholarships established by Edward Kaufman and the late Dorothybelle Kaufman of Appleton, Minnesota, in memory of their parents, the Kate McCoy Kaufman scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in elementary education. Students must have demonstrated academic excellence and potential in the field.

Criteria: GPA 3.0 minimum, 60 semester credits completed at Morris

Amount: $1,800

Renewable with academic progress

William R. Scarborough Memorial Award

Presented annually to a senior enrolled in either the elementary or Elementary Education program, this award recognizes a student's demonstrated competence and potential for becoming an outstanding member of the teaching profession. William Scarborough joined the Morris faculty in 1966, made many contributions to public education in Minnesota, and served as chair of the Division of Education until his death in 1979.

Recipient List »

  • 2010 Sarah Duffy
  • 2009 Audrey Nomeland
  • 2008 Brian Eberhardt
  • 2007 Andrew Spofford
  • 2006 Christina M. Rettmann
  • 2005 Katherine C. Nelson
  • 2004 Anne M. Droske
  • 2003 Bettina M. Mohn
  • 2002 John K. Oman
  • 2001 NeCol M. Cartier
  • 2000 Jessica M. Englin
  • 1999 DeEtte L. Tobias
  • 1998 May Lee Xiong
  • 1997 Lue Her
  • 1996 Kathy G. Severson
  • 1995 Lai John Alberts
  • 1994 Christine M. Berglund
  • 1993 Heather L. Myrom
  • 1992 Brian A. Harris
  • 1991 Suzette M. Westhoff
  • 1990 Diane B. Middendorf
  • 1989 Aleisha Y. Fuller
  • 1988 Matthew F. Deis
  • 1987 Jill M. Bregel
  • 1986 Lonnie J. Seifert
  • 1985 Hege B. Herfindahl
  • 1984 Joyce J. Vancura
  • 1983 Kathryn M. Schotzko
  • 1982 Darcy J. Rheingans
  • 1981 Jeffrey J. Houselog
  • 1980 Patricia J. Stamness

Off-campus scholarships for education students:

Audrey Erskine Education Scholarship

The Mid-Minnesota United Board of Governance administers the scholarship in honor of Audrey Erskine, a long-time advocate for teachers and education.

Criteria: A junior or senior pursuing a course of study to become a teacher at the preschool, elementary, or secondary level and a current member of Education Minnesota Student Program.

Deadline: June 1st annually

Amount: $350 to $500

Evelyn Lenander Scholarship

The Evelyn Lenander Education Fund, established by longtime Buffalo teacher, the late Evelyn Lenander, provides scholarships to college students pursuing degrees in elementary education.

Criteria: Third- and fourth-year students currently accepted in a Minnesota college or university program leading to a degree in elementary education. Students will first be chosen from qualified recipients in the Buffalo Lake area and then from other parts of central Minnesota. All applicants should be permanent residents of the state of Minnesota. Recipients must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Amount: up to $2,500

Federal TEACH Grant

The TEACH Grant is a federally funded gift program for full-time undergraduate students or students enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher credential program. Eligible undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students will receive up to $16,000 with this automatic $4,000 ($2,000 per enrolled semester) TEACH Grant. This grant is based on sufficient federal funds from the United States Department of Education and the student's enrollment status as of the Essential Deadline of each term.

Students enrolled less than full time will have their TEACH Grants reduced according to a schedule established by the U.S. Department of Education regulations.

In exchange for receiving a TEACH Grant, students must agree to serve as a full-time teacher in a high need field (tsa.doc link) in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves low income students. TEACH Grant recipients must teach for at least four academic years within eight calendar years of completing the program of study for which a TEACH Grant was received.

IMPORTANT: If you fail to complete this service obligation, all amounts of TEACH Grants received will be converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans that must be repaid to the U.S. Department of Education. Interest will be charged from the date the grant(s) was disbursed. Note: TEACH Grant recipients will be given a six-month grade period prior to entering repayment if a TEACH Grant is converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

To receive a TEACH Grant, each year you must–

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), although you do not have to demonstrate financial need.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or eligible noncitizen.
  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student in a postElementary Educational institution that has chosen to participate in the TEACH Grant Program.
  • Be enrolled in coursework that is necessary to begin a career in teaching or plan to complete such coursework. Such coursework may include subject area courses (e.g., math courses for a student who intends to be a math teacher).
  • Meet certain academic achievement requirements: score above the 75th percentile on one battery of a college admissions test (ACT or SAT), or maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25.
  • Sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve.
  • Complete a University of Minnesota, Morris TEACH Grant Application.

The priority deadline to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the University of Minnesota, Morris to the federal processor is March 1.

Students must be enrolled for at least 12 credits to receive a full TEACH Grant. When students are enrolled for less than 12 credits, the TEACH Grant will be adjusted based on a schedule established by the U.S. Department of Education regulations.

For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education.