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Student Teaching

  • student teaching at Morris
  • student teaching at Morris


Student teaching is the capstone clinical experience for our candidates. It provides them with an opportunity to understand all dimensions of teaching and to apply what they have learned through coursework and field experiences leading up to the student teaching experience. All participants in the student teaching program–teacher candidate, cooperating teacher, host school administrator, and University supervisor–play important roles in establishing the environment in which the teacher candidate can demonstrate his or her ability to assume the responsibilities of a full-time teacher.

Student teaching offers each teacher candidate the opportunity to:

University supervision in all student teaching placements is provided either by Morris elementary education faculty or by district personnel who work closely with Morris faculty.

Teacher candidates first complete a three–week beginning student teaching experience in the fall of the school year. They then complete 10–12 weeks of student teaching during the spring semester. In these experiences they demonstrate competencies necessary for effective teaching. Candidates are observed formally by cooperating teachers and University supervisors. Requirements for student teaching include maintenance of GPA, completion of required education courses, and recommendations by faculty members in teacher education.