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Music Handbook: Individual Performance Studies

Individual Performance Studies

The foundation of a musician’s career is private study with an artist in their specialization; consequently, Individual Performance Studies (Music 1200-1223, 3200-3223) are required for seven semesters of a Music Major’s career at UMM.

Note that there is an additional fee for Individual Performance Studies.



These policies apply to all students enrolled in Individual Performance Studies, regardless of their standing as Music Majors, Minors, or Majors in other disciplines.

There are two sections of each Individual Performance Study Course: 001 and 095.

Once the student is enrolled, they should set up a weekly time with the assigned faculty member.

For some courses of Individual Performance Studies, there are multiple teachers.


All students enrolled in Individual Performance Studies are required to perform a final exam at the end of each semester enrolled.

The final requirements are as follows for various courses.

Voice (Music 1204/3204)

Instrumental (Music 1205-1223/3205-3223)

Keyboards (Music 1200-1203)