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Music Handbook: Mixed Student Recitals

These recitals occur 3-5 times each semester, usually starting around the middle of the semester. These recitals provide opportunities for students to become comfortable with performance in a recital situation.


Students may sign up for a mixed student recital by completing the Mixed Student Recital form and submitting it to Simon Tillier (HFA 74).

The form must be signed by your applied instructor and faculty accompanist (if appropriate).

Note that Mixed Student Recitals that do not have sufficient performers by the deadline for entry are subject to cancellation. If the recital is cancelled, students who are already signed up for that recital will be rescheduled on a future recital.

The student should indicate the following on the form:


Students should verify their piece‘s information with their applied instructor.


The music faculty is in charge of scheduling students in recitals. Faculty will try to accommodate students’ requests wherever possible.

Following the deadline for entry a draft program will be completed and posted outside HFA 74. Students should check to see that their details are correct.

Performers are held strictly to a time limit of 10 minutes for their entry. This limit may be flexible for recitals that occur early in the semester.

Recitals will be closed after there is 50 minutes worth of music on the program.

All performers should dress in appropriate concert attire and present themselves in a professional manner.