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Entrance Assessment Information for Prospective Majors


Music majors and minors are required to take music theory courses at UMM. To enroll in the first of these courses students need to have basic music reading skills in both treble and bass clef. To ensure that students are in the correct course, music theory placement is done during fall orientation at the same time as vocal and instrumental placement auditions. Assessment topics include treble and bass clef reading, rhythm, meter, major scales, key signatures, and intervals.


Instrumental (wind, string) music majors will be asked to perform two short musical selections of contrasting styles that demonstrate your musicianship in the best possible light. A chromatic scale as well as major scales in any key may also be requested.

Vocal music majors will be asked to perform vocal exercises during voice lesson placements. No advance preparation is required.

Piano majors and minors at UMM are expected to have a certain level of ability when entering the program, so that they can pass piano proficiency exam as required as well as other applicable undergraduate milestones such as End-of-Second-Semester Evaluation, Jury into 3200-level lessons, and Senior Recitals (if that is what is chosen as Capstone experience) within a reasonable amount of time.

Prior to your assessment, you will be asked to fill out a brief biographical form, indicating number of years of piano experience, previous teachers, etc. Please bring with you a typed repertoire list including titles of pieces, opus numbers, movements (if applicable), and composer; include all pieces you have played of intermediate level and above. Indicate which pieces you have performed in public, as well as which pieces you have memorized.

All students will be asked to sightread at the piano.

Intended Piano Majors will be asked to play at their entrance assessment:

Intended Piano Minors will be asked to play at their entrance assessment: