Audition Information

Audition Information for Symphonic Winds, Brass Ensemble and Chamber Winds »

Audition Dates: Monday, August 26—4–6:00 p.m. & Tuesday, August 27, 2013—2–5:30 p.m. in HFA 180.

If you would like to play in Symphonic Winds, Brass Ensemble, or Chamber Winds we would like to hear you play on one of the above days. There will be a sign-up sheet outside HFA 180. Please do not leave it until the last moment to put your name down!

You will be asked to perform a solo (no more than 3 minutes duration) and will be given a short sight-reading excerpt. If you need audition materials they can be found below.

Auditions are open to music and non-music majors, and PSEO students. All prospective players are expected to audition whether or not they have been in the ensemble before. Membership is based upon a satisfactory audition, which includes performance on your principal instrument at a level necessary to perform effectively. While the ensemble allows for as many qualified members as rehearsal and performance space permits, at times it may be necessary to limit numbers in certain sections in the interests of balance. Please contact the Music Director, Simon Tillier if you have any questions.

Audition Materials