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The project has six academic papers that have been published or are forthcoming.

(Listed in the order accepted for publication)

“Using Behavioral Economic Field Experiments at a Large Firm: the Context and Design of the Truckers and Turnover Project”

“Cognitive Skills Affect Economic Preferences, Social Awareness, and Job Attachment”

“Obesity is Prospectively Associated with the Risk of Heavy Truck Crashes among Newly Recruited Commercial Drivers”

“Self-Selection and Variations in the Laboratory Measurement of Other-Regarding Preferences across Subject Pools: Evidence from One College Student and Two Adult Samples”

“Which Measures of Time Preference Best Predict Outcomes? Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment”

“Overconfidence and Social Signalling”

Working Papers

“Toward the Integration of Personality Theory and Decision Theory in the Explanation of Economic and Health Behavior”

“You’d Be Perfect for This: The Value of Hiring through Referrals”

“Moving Ahead by Thinking Backwards: Cognitive Skills, Personality, and Economic Preferences in Collegiate Success”

Related Publications by Project Participants

“Driver Selection Tests & Measurements”

“Safety Management in Small Motor Carriers”

“Trucking 101: An Industry Primer”